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Interview: If the FCA succeeds, insolvencies could “loom large on the horizon”


In a year where so many assumptions, plans and received wisdoms have been torn up and thrown like confetti into a gale, the UK regulator’s decision to sue the insurance companies that it regulates is just one of the many remarkable events that define the new “normal”.


The emergence of a secondary ILS market


The insurance-linked securities (ILS) market has in general performed well in recent years, particularly in relation to catastrophe bonds. The performance of the market and increasing investor demand has commentators predicting that investment in ILS will become more mainstream, with the market looking set to stay and continuing to develop ...

MMI and Equitas

No Reinsurer Spiking Allowed – Now Settled English law: Equitas and MMI Supreme Court case is settled


The case between Equitas and Municipal Mutual Insurance (MMI) has been settled, bringing to an end a dispute that was due to be heard by the UK Supreme Court this week. Last year’s ruling by the Court of Appeal therefore stands as settled law. This is an important victory for ...

Ed Hochberg – Guy Carpenter

Amid an unprecedented confluence of headwinds, solutions for achieving capital optimization


The Covid-19 pandemic clearly presents significant challenges to insurers, but it is also becoming increasingly clear that (re)insurers are likely entering a far more favorable underwriting environment.

Luca Tres Securis

Life & health capital market investors to be pivotal in future pandemic hedging solutions


The high death toll and tragedy associated with the Covid-19 outbreak cannot be downplayed, but the current crisis may also have a potentially significant impact for some insurers, with the wider industry set to learn some important lessons, says Securis partner Luca Tres.

Greg Case and John Hayley

Case & Haley: Covid-19 further validates Aon-WTW deal logic


In an exclusive wide-ranging interview with The Insurer, Greg Case and John Haley, chief executives of Aon and Willis Towers Watson (WTW) respectively, discuss the significance of the Aon-WTW deal in the wake of the global pandemic, while sharing their thoughts on the future of the industry.

Huw Evans – ABI

We must give pandemic insurance solutions time and space to evolve


The UK faces its worst public health crisis in 100 years and its worst economic crisis since the 1930s. So I think all of us in the market need to start with realistic expectations of the UK Government’s current capacity when it comes to discussions about future public-private partnerships to ...

David Howden – Hyperion

Hyperion’s Howden defends (re)insurers amidst “unjustified” criticism


Hyperion Group CEO David Howden has come to the defence of embattled carriers who are currently targets of Covid-19 brickbats by hailing some of the criticisms as opportunistic and “unjustified“.

Chris Croft

Covid-19: An opportunity to rewrite the industry’s story?


The global Covid-19 pandemic has presented the (re)insurance industry with an opportunity to “redress the imbalance” of how carriers and brokers alike are viewed in the eyes of its customers and the general public, says London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association (LIIBA) CEO Chris Croft.

Matthew Wilson – Lloyd's

​Lloyd’s after lockdown will be digital…


Digital trading has been taken up at an exponential rate since Lloyd’s closed its underwriting floor on 19 March, and its subsequent success means document-based trading will be a thing of the past even when social distancing measures are lifted, predicts Brit Insurance CEO Matthew Wilson.

Stephen Catlin

Future-proofing amid a pandemic


In developing an industry response, it is critical that we act swiftly and coherently, that we do not appear defensive and that our perspectives are thoughtful, sensitive and well communicated. If we get on the front foot now and deliver long-term solutions, then the industry will be treated better by ...

Julian Enoizi

Pool Re shows Covid-19 fall-out can be managed in partnership


While the economy remains in a state of flux over the coronavirus, Pool Re CEO Julian Enoizi outlines the ways governments could emulate the HM Treasury’s unlimited support of the UK’s terrorism pool to create insurance markets for risks that are currently commercially unviable…

Huw Evans – ABI

ABI – We need to talk about pandemic insurance


As focus sharpens on who will pick up the cost of the fallout from the coronavirus, director general of the Association of British Insurers (ABI), Huw Evans, discusses how the industry can pull together with governments and do more to protect the world from future pandemic risks…