Markus Gesmann and Quentin Moore

Lead versus follow in ownership of syndicates


Markus Gesmann and Quentin Moore examine whether follow-only strategies are a smart alternative to the model of value through verticalisation

Hurricane map

The big picture – uncovering the 2022 hurricane season, climate change and climate variability


Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc in 2022, but as hurricane season draws to a close, did this year’s reality match the expectations? Richard Dixon, head of catastrophe research at Inigo, crunches the numbers, explores how the present scenario looks versus the past, and reveals what we need to consider when it ...


Underwriting experience key as renewable energy risk landscape evolves


Axis Capital’s Melissa Marsh and Kristopher Williams highlight the importance of expertise in renewable energy underwriting…

Andy Marcell Aon

Aon’s Andy Marcell: Renewals test will showcase industry’s best


As anyone who is familiar with our industry will attest, insurers and reinsurers provide a vital foundation for economic trade and stability – a privileged position we have held for more than 400 years. In modern times, most innovation would simply not have occurred were it not for the ability ...

Markus Gesmann and Quentin Moore – Lloyd's

To lead, or to follow: that is the question!


Successful follow-only strategies can create more value than those of traditional leadership roles.


How finance leaders can lead on ESG


As ESG matters are reshaping the future of insurance, senior financial leaders are being asked to help set the direction for the business. Chief financial officers will play a vital role because ESG is not just a compliance exercise, but rather an imperative to mitigate severe risks, create long-term value ...

Germany tech competition

Howden Tiger: Bringing competition and technology to the German market


Carsten Thienel, head of treaty reinsurance at Howden RE Germany, explains how the new partnership is hoping to shake up Germany’s insurance broking market.

Uncertain times

Imagining outcomes for uncertain times


In his third and final piece in this series of articles on the effects of inflation, Russell Group’s Suki Basi argues why corporates and their (re)insurers need to work together to help successfully navigate a path through this difficult time for the market…

France – hail storm

Should we have expected the 2022 hail losses in France?


RMS’ Juergen Grieser reflects on this year’s unusually large hail losses in France…

Irma inflation

How asset-side losses are hardening the reinsurance market


As recently as last year, some were still arguing reinsurance pricing cycles had permanently moderated. But today we’re in the hardest market since 2005. David Flandro explains how it’s happened – and a key factor too few are talking about.

Inflation disasters

How high inflation is impacting the (re)insurance market


In his second article, Russell Group managing director Suki Basi explores the impact of rising inflation on the (re)insurance market…

Data stop

Stopping data issues snowballing into bigger problems


RMS’ Cihan Biyikoglu highlights the importance of using data in the right way…

Eunice – Haslemere, UK, Saturday, 19th February

European windstorm models will unify climate modelling across the continent


Recent natural catastrophe losses in Europe have been dominated by large flood, hail and convective storm events that have often impacted several countries at a time.


Opportunities amid uncertainty


Guy Carpenter’s Gina Carlson and Richard Hewitt on why the reinsurance sector is in a strong position to deal with current headwinds…

UK inflation

Why is UK inflation so high?


In the first of a series of three articles, Russell Group managing director Suki Basi explores why UK inflation has risen so rapidly…

Onshore wind

Collaboration critical if onshore wind industry is to reach potential


Axis’ Peter Fitzsimmons and Becky Nace examine the complexities of insuring onshore wind…

London etrading

The London market’s cry for help: “We just want a trading system that mirrors the way we trade in real life”


Despite all the talk of modernisation, the London market’s day-to-day operations are still defined by manual processing, low productivity and clunky trading interaction, writes Ben Bolton.

RISX index

Hedging tail risks through capital markets


True market-turning events might be rare, suggest Quentin Moore and Markus Gesmann, but you want to be prepared for the potential upside thereafter.


Reshaping our market demographic


The challenge of attracting and retaining young talent, and ensuring that it reflects the communities we serve, has been a topic for discussion in boardrooms and at industry conferences for several years now.


Casualty will benefit from more expert treatment


The last two years tested nerves in the casualty market, but the worst fears failed to materialise. TigerRisk’s Joshua Everdell examines how experience and judgement can help reduce the stress…