Lloyds iceberg

Aon: Lloyd’s just the tip of the legacy iceberg

2021-09-20T07:00:00+01:00By Barry Gale, head of legacy for London Capital Advisory and Victor Nelligan, director, London Capital Advisory – legacy

Aon’s Barry Gale and Victor Nelligan examine the evolution of the legacy market, where deal volumes are continuing to grow.

EY Penney Frohling

How ESG ratings impact total shareholder return

2021-09-16T12:55:00+01:00By Penney Frohling, EY-Parthenon Partner and EMEIA Financial Services Strategy Leader

Environmental, social and governance principles have risen with astonishing speed to the top of the strategic agendas for senior leaders and boards in insurance. That’s appropriate given the growing importance of ESG ratings to capital markets and the investment community.

Browne Jacobson

Developing an effective ESG sustainability and responsibility programme


UK financial services and other firms will be aware of the growing legal and regulatory pressures they face in respect of climate-related financial risk management, especially in the form of current or prospective disclosures (see for example the FCA’s: consultation paper (CP21/18)).

£ growth

Cost, capital and consolidation trends reshape growth agenda

2021-09-15T12:07:00+01:00By Isabelle Santenac, EY Global Insurance Leader and Simon Woods, EY EMEIA Insurance Strategy Leader

Isabelle Santenac and Simon Woods examine the (re)insurance sector’s reinvigorated pursuit of long-term growth.


Lloyd’s London Bridge: the new flux capacitor

2021-09-15T12:06:00+01:00By Ben Canagaretna, managing director, Acrisure Re Corporate Advisory & Solutions

Ben Canagaretna examines how Lloyd’s London Bridge initiative could revitalise the market.

Brian Young Odyssey

Odyssey’s Young: Technological innovation has brought us closer together


Odyssey Group president and CEO Brian Young reflects on more than three decades in the reinsurance sector.


Building a bespoke view of catastrophe risk

2021-09-15T12:05:00+01:00By Nathan Schwartz, head of analytics, TigerRisk Partners, Anna Neely, R&D lead, TigerRisk Partners

TigerRisk’s Anna Neely and Nathan Schwartz on how catastrophe models do not provide all the answers.


Casualty reinsurance rate momentum “needs to continue”


AXIS Re’s Allison Janisch answers our questions on trends in the global casualty market.

ILS growth

ESG and new sponsors spell healthy ILS growth


After a resilient year for catastrophe bonds during the pandemic, the sector is on course for growth with increased investor demand and new types of sponsors, writes Fitch’s senior director Jeffrey Mohrenweiser.

Cincinnati Re Jamie Hole

More risk margin needed to account for increasing uncertainty

2021-09-15T12:04:00+01:00By Jamie Hole, managing director and head of Cincinnati Re

Cincinnati Re’s Jamie Hole outlines the drivers behind the reinsurance unit’s growth momentum and highlights some of the challenges facing casualty and property catastrophe lines.

Natural disasters

Increased frequency of natural catastrophes spells uncertainty for reinsurers

2021-09-15T12:04:00+01:00By Miguel Martinez-Alvarez, head of business development, Liberty Mutual Reinsurance

As natural catastrophes challenge the market with greater frequency, Liberty Mutual Re’s Miguel Martinez-Alvarez considers the reinsurance market’s position.

Closer collaboration

Navigating the next 20 years – a call for closer collaboration

2021-09-15T12:04:00+01:00By Gianfranco Lot, head globals reinsurance at Swiss Re

Swiss Re’s Gianfranco Lot examines how the growing risk complexities in the decades ahead call for closer collaboration between (re)insurers and governments.

Erik Matson Transverse

Transverse: Pipeline going into 2022 is “very robust”


Transverse CEO Erik Matson highlights a strong pipeline of opportunities ahead for the hybrid fronting carrier.

Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance – the year of change

2021-09-15T12:03:00+01:00By Erica Davis, managing director, global co-head of cyber (US), Anthony Cordonnier, managing director, global co-head of cyber (UK)

Erica Davis and Anthony Cordonnier discuss how (re)insurers are adopting new underwriting tactics to address the evolving cyber risk environment.

Aviation - coronavirus

Covid-19: An unprecedented crisis for aviation

2021-09-15T00:07:00+01:00By Suki Basi, managing director at Russell Group

Suki Basi reflects on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation sector.

Pandemic connected risk

Pandemic demonstrates multi-class connected risk causality

2021-09-08T12:07:00+01:00By Suki Basi, managing director at Russell Group

The Covid-19 pandemic represents the perfect connected risk for global trade, as evidenced by the travails of the airline and travel sectors and the knock-on effects for the underlying manufacturing, entertainment and other supporting industries.

Business trophy

Winning with talent: how to transform the workforce experience

2021-09-08T12:06:00+01:00By Isabelle Santenac, EY Global Insurance Leader and David Storey, EY EMEIA Workforce Advisory Leader

There has been growing consensus among insurance industry executives that talent, capability and culture are every bit as important as technology in driving digital transformation.


A new era for cat models?

2021-09-08T12:05:00+01:00By Christian Czempiel-Mentrak, Head of Business Intelligence, Transformation & Strategy, Liberty Mutual Reinsurance

In the 30 years since the advent of computerised natural catastrophe modelling, cat models have come a long way.

Moses Ojeisekhoba Swiss Re

Prioritising insurance affordability and risk awareness will help create a more sustainable future

2021-09-08T12:04:00+01:00By Moses Ojeisekhoba, CEO Reinsurance, Swiss Re

Promoting inclusive insurance and strengthening societal resilience will better prepare the industry for future global shocks, says Swiss Re’s Moses Ojeisekhoba


Capturing the mortgage opportunity


Axis Re’s Kavan Tucker outlines current trends in the mortgage reinsurance space.