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The evolving ILS sector: transforming risk into opportunity


Welcome to another must-see edition of Prospective, which this month focuses on ILS – a market that has been highly active this year with 2021 on course to be a record breaker for cat bond and other ILS-related issuances.

ITV Florida

The Insurer TV: ILS appetite played key role in moderating Florida rate rises


Strong investor appetite for ILS as an asset class has had a key role in the Florida renewal, with falling cat bond and industry loss warranty pricing and increased participation from collateralised writers a major factor in the moderation of overall rate increases at 1 June.

Prospective ILS index

The evolving ILS sector: transforming risk into opportunity


Welcome to another must-see edition of Prospective, which this month focuses on ILS – a market that has been highly active this year with 2021 on course to be a record breaker for cat bond and other ILS-related issuances.


The Insurer TV: Legacy’s evolution from conceding failure to capital optimisation


In the latest episode of Prospective, brought to you by The Insurer TV, participants discuss what is driving the momentum in the legacy market and how it has reached its ‘coming of age’ moment.

The Insurer TV – Prospective

The Insurer TV: Split RITCs – the next evolution of Lloyd’s legacy?


Split reinsurance-to-close (RITC) transactions at One Lime Street have the potential to become as common as Part VII transfers in the UK company market with the support of both Lloyd’s and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

Linda Johnson and Paul Corver

The Insurer TV: NAIC involvement crucial to help standardise US IBT structure


Industry leaders in the legacy market have called on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to create nationwide legislation to help insurance business transfers (IBTs) become more widely accepted in the US market following initial success.


The legacy market: a renaissance in the making


Welcome to the latest edition of Prospective, which this month focuses on an industry sector which appears to be very much in vogue – the global P&C legacy market.


The Insurer TV: Lack of “rational” opportunities set to slow down start-up activity


Investment bankers expect to see a reduction in the level of start-up activity in 2021 due to the lack of “rational” opportunities to invest in following a bustling 2020.


The Insurer TV: US small to mid-sized retail distribution deals in “late innings”


With over 5,000 US small to mid-sized retail distribution acquisition deals completed in the last decade, consolidation in this sector is in its “late innings” phase, according to John Kraska, president and managing director at Dowling Hales.


The Insurer TV: Portfolio optimisation “pronounced” driver behind CEOs mulling M&A


Sellers within the P&C carrier segment have been drawn towards M&A activity as CEOs, boards and investors are keen to focus on portfolio optimisation during times of uncertainty. 

M&A index

2021 M&A: Will the momentum continue?


Our latest edition of Prospective focuses on one of the industry’s most talked about topics – mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 

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The Insurer’s 10 key ESG themes for 2021


It has never been more apparent that (re)insurers around the world are displaying a deeper interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.


The Insurer TV: Large carriers set to lead ESG integration into underwriting decisions


Increasing scrutiny of insurer attitudes towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors means carriers are now expected to address these concerns within underwriting as well as investment decisions.

Thomas Dawson and Stefan Holzberger

The Insurer TV: “Regulators will write the rules” around ESG


In the latest broadcast from The Insurer TV’s monthly flagship analysis programme, industry observers stress that regulators will drive the agenda on how the industry addresses ESG, with the US tipped to make progress on catching up to Europe on climate change regulation in 2021.

Rivaldi – Tweleve Capital

Twelve Capital: (Re)insurers can improve access to capital by embracing ESG


Effectively plugging into the growing environmental, social and governance (ESG) investor community can provide (re)insurers with enhanced access to capital at a lower cost, according to Twelve Capital’s analytics head Marcus Rivaldi.


The Insurer TV: Embrace ESG or your reputation may be at risk…


Insurers which have yet to embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment and underwriting decisions have been handed a stark warning in the latest broadcast from The Insurer TV – your reputation will be at stake if you don’t acknowledge the need for action.


2021: The year ESG goes mainstream


Welcome to the February 2021 edition of Prospective – The Insurer TV’s flagship analysis programme that each month takes a forensic look at the key trends and challenges affecting the global (re)insurance industry.

Brooks, Catlin and priebe

Ascot’s Brooks warns of “head in the sand” approach to Covid-19 reserving


The group chief executive of Ascot, Andrew Brooks, has raised concerns over whether the industry is facing up to the full potential impact from Covid-19.

TITV2 programme - seg 1 index

The Insurer TV examines the 2021 outlook; 1.1 market dynamics to remain in place at upcoming renewals


As we moved into 2021, reinsurers and buyers came together to deliver an orderly 1 January which will likely set the scene for upcoming renewals.

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The 1.1 renewals and what they tell us about the 2021 outlook


In the latest The Insurer TV flagship analysis programme, we examine the recent 1.1 renewals and interpret what the outcome means for the year ahead.

Lara Mowery and Dinos Iordanou

Start-ups bring “long term, alternative solutions” to accessing capital: The Insurer TV


As capital continues to be drawn to the opportunity of improved pricing conditions across (re)insurance, the emerging Class of 2020 is expected to bring both long term and committed solutions to brokers and cedents, according to Guy Carpenter’s global head of distribution Lara Mowery.

Terms and conditions- negotiating the fine print

Exclusionary language “front of mind” as 1.1 renewals enter final phase: The Insurer TV


Changes in reinsurance terms and conditions, notably the exclusion of pandemic cover in new and renewing contracts, will be a key feature of discussions as 1 January negotiations come to a close in the coming days.

Ken Brandt and Lara Mowery

Cedant differentiation at the heart of casualty treaty renewal: The Insurer TV


Underperforming casualty insurers will have to accept less cede commission from their reinsurers or a different structure to complete their programmes at 1 January and into 2021, according to TransRe’s president of underwriting operations Ken Brandt.

Key drivers influencing the 1.1.21 renewals

The Insurer TV: Covid-19 and hardening rates dominate 1.1 renewal discussions


Covid-19 and its potential impact on reinsurance treaties and pricing momentum have been the major drivers of discussions ahead of the key 1 January 2021 renewal, according to Scor Global P&C CEO Jean-Paul Conoscente.

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The 1.1 squeeze: Will the market clear? | Watch now on The Insurer TV


The Insurer TV’s first-ever on-demand programme is examining the factors influencing negotiations in the run-up to the crucial 1.1 reinsurance renewal.