It is unquestionable that the market’s reputation and standing has improved significantly since its origins in running off discontinued, loss-making lines of business (and businesses).

In its early days, “run-off” was almost treated as the industry’s dirty secret – a place where failed (re)insurance businesses went to die. Now, it is very much accepted as a key part of the global industry and a provider of an essential service.

In our latest programme, we trace how this market has evolved from these roots to become a dynamic sector replete with an armoury of capital management tools.

But with new investors – and start-ups – continuing to enter the sector, we also explore where can the market go from here and whether there are dangers from excess competition and lowering yields.

During the 45-minute programme, we dive into four key areas:

  • Key drivers behind the increasing number of deals and interest in the market
  • How run-off solutions are evolving
  • Capital trends
  • The sector’s outlook

Our guests are Randall & Quilter’s group head of M&A Paul Corver, Gossmann & CIE’s CEO and managing partner Arndt Gossmann, head of TigerRisk Partners’ Legacy Practice Linda Johnson, and the first guest to join us in the studio – our very own European editor Rebecca Hancock.

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