Talking to The Insurer TV, Clear, who serves Marsh McLennan Agency as senior vice president, national claims advocacy leader for private client services, described Hurricane Ian’s impact as “devastating”.

“There’s going to be some claim issues that emerge,” he said. “Access is one of them,” he added.

Pictures and videos taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian making landfall show the significant destruction that occurred on many of the barrier islands off the Sunshine State’s southwest coast.

Those barrier islands – build-ups of sand on layers of underwater rock that form along larger bodies of land – have been cut off from the mainland after bridges were swept away and roads crumbled.

“[The] only access is air or road, and when you’re going to try to rebuild something that’s an issue,” said Clear.

“It’s also an issue when you have to go in and try to adjust. So I think the use of technology and the use of imagery will play a large part in this event.”

Even when adjusters do gain access, Clear forecast other challenges will arise.

“One of the issues once you actually have access and you’re looking at something is going to be how did this occur,” Clear said.

“Because there was a lot of severe wind, there was also a surge with water, you have some homes that are completely devastated and gone. All that is left is a slab. So when you have an event like this with loss of life and complete devastation of property, it’s going to be challenging for some time.”