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QBE’s Horton: Industry “not getting pricing right” in world of more cat losses


The industry’s failure to price cat risk appropriately over a number of years is why the market is only now “reacting quite heavily”, said QBE’s chief executive Andrew Horton. 

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Risk Spotlight

Risk Spotlight: One reinvented workplace, many new threats


Flexible working models have changed the risk landscape significantly, creating new threats for both companies and individuals and considerably altering organisational risk profiles.

Risk Spotlight

Imagining the future of work


How Covid-19 accelerated a transformation in work models and changed the associated risk landscape forever

Colin Johnson and Magnus Heimann – MC

Accredited Europe: Growth in fronting space must be “controlled”


Accredited Europe’s CUO Magnus Heimann has warned that growth in the rapidly expanding fronting program space must be “controlled”, stressing the relevance of thorough onboarding and oversight processes to ensure sustainable growth.

John Huff  – MC

ABIR’s Huff: Bermuda “will excel” in offering proprietary views of cat models


The Bermuda market will continue to heavily invest in the resources needed to offer unparalleled views of catastrophe risk at a time when discussions are taking place around the flaws and limitations of climate modelling, according to Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers (ABIR) president and CEO John Huff.

Isabelle Santenac – MC

EY’s Santenac: Industry must solve “paradox” in supporting clients’ ESG goals and global energy needs


The (re)insurance industry has a pivotal role to play in incentivising long-term ESG goals for its clients at a time when geopolitical headwinds are forcing the increased use of “dirty energy”, EY’s Isabelle Santenac has said.

James Mee – MC

RPC’s James Mee: M&A muted but open for the right buyer and target


Reinsurance M&A activity has been muted as a result of market headwinds creating valuation volatility and investor uncertainty, but deals could still happen for the right buyer and target, RPC partner James Mee has said.

Paul Corver – MC

R&Q’s Corver: Due diligence critical to managing social inflation as urges “buyers beware”


Acquirers of prior-year books of liability business – particularly US casualty portfolios – must undertake thorough due diligence to accurately estimate reserves and exposures as social inflation continues to impact claims management for legacy specialists, according to Paul Corver.

Igor Best-Devereux – MC

Technology will help industry counter inflation woes: eReinsure’s Best-Devereux


Better adoption of technology will become increasingly important as (re)insurers look to manage costs and drive distribution efficiency as inflation looks set to intensify losses, eReinsure’s Igor Best-Devereux has said.

Greg Williams & Grahame Millwater – MC

Acrisure management look to next phase of growth as premiums surge to $32bn


Acrisure’s recent run of acquisitions has grown the broker consolidator’s portfolio of placed premiums to more than $32bn, president and CEO Greg Williams has revealed in an interview with The Insurer TV.

Ann Haugh – MC

Axis Re eyes cyber as part of wider specialty growth


Attracted to firming conditions in the cyber market and supported by its “strong” insurance franchise, Axis Re will start writing cyber business following a recent change of strategy, its CEO Ann Haugh has said.

Mohsen Rahnama PhD, RMS – MC

RMS’ Rahnama: Modeller forecasts nat cat loss events to reach up to $2trn by 2030


RMS’ Mohsen Rahnama has pointed to an alarming figure of potential industry nat cat losses of $2trn by the end of 2030, urging the sector to engage with the scientific community to better understand the evolving frequency and severity of such events.

Laurent Montador – MC

French market “in turmoil” as subsidence adds €2.5bn to losses: CCR Re’s Montador


Subsidence losses in France this year could amount to €2.5bn, adding to an already heavy natural catastrophe bill for the country’s (re)insurers, CCR Re’s Laurent Montador has revealed.

Pete Chandler – MC

BMS Re’s Chandler urges cedants to “get started early and have great data”


BMS Re’s Pete Chandler has urged insurers to start working with reinsurers as early as possible amid a supply-demand imbalance which could lead to increased competition for alternative forms of capital.

Dan Dick – Aon

Aon’s Dan Dick: Secondary perils no longer secondary


The amount paid out by the (re)insurance industry for so-called secondary perils has outpaced hurricanes in claims volume terms for many years, suggesting such events no longer deserve this denomination, Aon’s Dan Dick has warned.

Tony Ursano – MC 2022

Reinsurers “had enough” of more risk for less reward: Ursano


The reinsurance industry is increasingly united behind the belief that it has been taking increasing risk for inadequate rates, and instead needs to be paid for the risk it assumes, Tony Ursano has said.

David Howden and Rod Fox – MC

Howden Tiger: “New kid on the block” aims to bring new energy to the market


Howden Group founder David Howden provided a bullish outlook on his company’s growth prospects in the reinsurance market as he met with The Insurer TV at his first ever Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous.

ILS panel – MC 2022

Aon’s Schultz: Cyber ILS edging closer amid rising investor interest


Positive discussions with would-be investors suggest the first cyber ILS transaction could arrive in 2023, according to Paul Schultz, CEO of Aon Securities.

Jeffrey Krohn – MC

GC’s Krohn: Mortgage reinsurance rates rise up to 80% as demand increases


Rates in the mortgage credit space have risen up to 80 percent and are set to continue to go up despite inflation headwinds, Guy Carpenter’s mortgage credit segment leader Jeffrey Krohn has told The Insurer TV.

Nancy Bewlay – MC

Axa XL’s Bewlay: 95% client retention despite reduced cat appetite


Axa XL has retained most of the clients affected by its 40 percent reduction in appetite for catastrophe risk exposed business, its new reinsurance CEO Nancy Bewlay has revealed. 

Robert Muir-Wood – MC

RMS’ Muir-Wood: Reinsurers not out of the woods as “hurricanes could still form”


Reinsurers should still prepare for an active 2022 Atlantic hurricane season despite the low level of activity to date, RMS chief research officer Robert Muir-Wood has warned.

Christian Dunleavy – MC

Aspen’s Dunleavy: Reinsurers have swallowed “dose of reality” around nat cat


The industry has been forced to take “a dose of reality” around natural catastrophe risk in the last few years, but while rates have changed, pricing adequacy remains a challenge, according to Aspen CUO Christian Dunleavy.

Ken Brandt – MC

TransRe’s Brandt: Industry “will have a problem” if high inflation levels persist


TransRe is keeping a close eye on its casualty business as rising inflation puts pressure on the claims outlook, particularly for D&O liability, the reinsurer’s CEO Ken Brandt has told The Insurer TV.

Robert Wiest – MC

MS Reinsurance’s Wiest: Inflation risk will increase discipline in long-tail lines


Long-tail business is increasingly at the mercy of rampaging inflation, MS Reinsurance’s chief executive Robert Wiest has told The Insurer TV, and this will lead to increasing discipline at upcoming renewals.

Mike Mitchell, Neil Eckert and David Priebe – MC

The Insurer TV panel calls for sustainable approach to climate risk


The (re)insurance industry’s approach to climate change needs to be sustainable to succeed, industry leaders have warned. 

Michael Steel and Colin Holmes – MC

RMS: Extreme weather vindicates investment in flood, wildfire models


Twelve months since Moody’s acquisition of RMS and the two companies are already well into the process of integrating their products and services to help improve the industry’s response to an increasingly volatile nat cat environment, RMS has told The Insurer TV.

Moses Ojeisekhoba MC

Swiss Re’s Ojeisekhoba: Inflation set to be “number one” renewal discussion topic


Swiss Re’s Moses Ojeisekhoba has said inflation will be the main topic dominating discussions ahead of the 1 January renewal, but that it is just one of several major challenges the industry is facing. 

Peter Smith – MC

LM Re’s Smith: Retro hardening will continue, reinsurance playing catch-up


There will be “winners and losers” in the retrocessional market as rates continue to firm, with the hardening pressures seen at 1 January set to persist through 2022, Liberty Mutual Re expects.

Thierry Leger MC

Swiss Re’s Léger: Retracting from a market is “the most radical move in underwriting”


Swiss Re group CUO Thierry Léger said the group’s decision to pull back entirely from the Russian market amid the ongoing conflict with Ukraine was “the most radical move” a company can make, but one that was essential.

Rupert Moore – Aon

Aon’s Moore: Good profit “possible” amid heightened inflation


The ongoing inflationary pressures facing the (re)insurance market can be overcome through better “granularity of understanding” of what’s really relevant to the claims environment, Aon’s Rupert Moore has said.

James Kent

Gallagher Re’s James Kent: Market is behaving “logically” as it gears up for 1.1


Gallagher Re CEO James Kent has forecast the reinsurance market will remain “logical” as 1 January renewal discussions take place against a backdrop of challenging industry headwinds.

Thomas King, WTW David Bennett, WTW Lewis Edwards, LSMl_RS

Reputation: How do you protect a modern day asset in a complex world?


Reputational damage is now one of the key risks facing corporates but one of the most challenging to insure.

David Hart – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

BDA’s Weinstein: “Innovative solutions are being built in Bermuda”


In this short video, BDA’s CEO David Hart and BDA’s chair Stephen Weinstein reflect on the need for dialogue as the industry prepares for “one of the most challenging mid-year renewals in years”.

Chris Schaper – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

AIG Re’s Schaper: Bermuda has “enhanced proposition” as builds out beyond property


In this video, part of the Bermuda Risk Summit series, The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts and AIG Re’s CEO Chris Schaper talk about how the reinsurance industry in Bermuda has “enhanced its business proposition” in the past few years given the market’s expansion into new lines of business and how ...

Eric Andersen – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Aon’s Andersen: Cat risk transfer must be a “fair trade” to prevent retrenchment


In this video, part of The Insurer TV’s Bermuda Risk series, Aon’s president Eric Andersen talks to content editor Sophie Roberts about how Bermuda is building out a “climate marketplace” which must be supported and the important role the industry will play in the transition to become net zero.

Ryan Mather – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Ariel Re’s Mather: Berkshire Hathaway endorsement validates strategy strength


In this interview, Ariel Re’s CEO Ryan Mather speaks to The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts about how Ariel Re is preparing for the forthcoming renewal seasons and how recent cat events, inflation and climate change are shaping discussions.

Stephen Catlin – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Convex’s Catlin: It’s a “brave person” who says a pandemic won’t happen again


Watch Convex chairman and CEO Stephen Catlin share his thoughts on why “there is nowhere else quite like the Bermuda market”, the progress being made on the development of public-private partnership solutions for Covid-19 in the UK and bullish growth projections for Convex.

Tim Ronda – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

TigerRisk’s Ronda: Reinsurance market “most challenging we’ve seen in quite some time”


In this video, The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts speaks to TigerRisk’s president Tim Ronda about the volatility in the reinsurance market, the expectations ahead of the Florida renewals, and the opportunities in M&A and legacy transactions as part of the Bermuda Risk Summit series.

Ari Chatterjee – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Envelop Risk’s Chatterjee: Russia cyber attacks have the “potential to become an extremely damaging incident”


In this 10-minute interview, The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts and Envelop Risk Analytics CUO Ari Chatterjee explore the challenges and opportunities in the cyber market, as well as the increasingly pivotal role Bermuda is playing when it comes to providing cyber capacity. 

Kathleen Faries – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Horseshoe’s Faries: Loss fatigue to drive another robust year of cat bond issuance


In this exclusive interview at the Bermuda Risk Summit 2022, Horseshoe CEO Kathleen Faries and The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts discuss the trends and outlook for the ILS market.

Hugh O’Donnell – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Bermuda Brokers’ O’Donnell: MGA growth in Bermuda “has brought a new vibrancy to the marketplace”


Watch Bermuda Brokers CEO Hugh O’Donnell speak to The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts about the relevance of the Bermuda (re)insurance market, including the dynamics around the use of alternative capital and the role of MGAs in this market, as part of the Bermuda Risk Summit series.