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AUB CEO declares Tysers deal “exceptionally positive” for Lloyd’s


Lloyd’s and the wider London insurance market will benefit substantially from AUB Group’s £500mn+ (A$880mn) agreed acquisition of Tysers, the CEO of the Australian group has said in an exclusive interview with The Insurer TV.

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David Hart – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

BDA’s Weinstein: “Innovative solutions are being built in Bermuda”


In this short video, BDA’s CEO David Hart and BDA’s chair Stephen Weinstein reflect on the need for dialogue as the industry prepares for “one of the most challenging mid-year renewals in years”.

Chris Schaper – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

AIG Re’s Schaper: Bermuda has “enhanced proposition” as builds out beyond property


In this video, part of the Bermuda Risk Summit series, The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts and AIG Re’s CEO Chris Schaper talk about how the reinsurance industry in Bermuda has “enhanced its business proposition” in the past few years given the market’s expansion into new lines of business and how ...

Eric Andersen – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Aon’s Andersen: Cat risk transfer must be a “fair trade” to prevent retrenchment


In this video, part of The Insurer TV’s Bermuda Risk series, Aon’s president Eric Andersen talks to content editor Sophie Roberts about how Bermuda is building out a “climate marketplace” which must be supported and the important role the industry will play in the transition to become net zero.

Ryan Mather – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Ariel Re’s Mather: Berkshire Hathaway endorsement validates strategy strength


In this interview, Ariel Re’s CEO Ryan Mather speaks to The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts about how Ariel Re is preparing for the forthcoming renewal seasons and how recent cat events, inflation and climate change are shaping discussions.

Stephen Catlin – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Convex’s Catlin: It’s a “brave person” who says a pandemic won’t happen again


Watch Convex chairman and CEO Stephen Catlin share his thoughts on why “there is nowhere else quite like the Bermuda market”, the progress being made on the development of public-private partnership solutions for Covid-19 in the UK and bullish growth projections for Convex.

Tim Ronda – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

TigerRisk’s Ronda: Reinsurance market “most challenging we’ve seen in quite some time”


In this video, The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts speaks to TigerRisk’s president Tim Ronda about the volatility in the reinsurance market, the expectations ahead of the Florida renewals, and the opportunities in M&A and legacy transactions as part of the Bermuda Risk Summit series.

Ari Chatterjee – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Envelop Risk’s Chatterjee: Russia cyber attacks have the “potential to become an extremely damaging incident”


In this 10-minute interview, The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts and Envelop Risk Analytics CUO Ari Chatterjee explore the challenges and opportunities in the cyber market, as well as the increasingly pivotal role Bermuda is playing when it comes to providing cyber capacity. 

Kathleen Faries – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Horseshoe’s Faries: Loss fatigue to drive another robust year of cat bond issuance


In this exclusive interview at the Bermuda Risk Summit 2022, Horseshoe CEO Kathleen Faries and The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts discuss the trends and outlook for the ILS market.

Hugh O’Donnell – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Bermuda Brokers’ O’Donnell: MGA growth in Bermuda “has brought a new vibrancy to the marketplace”


Watch Bermuda Brokers CEO Hugh O’Donnell speak to The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts about the relevance of the Bermuda (re)insurance market, including the dynamics around the use of alternative capital and the role of MGAs in this market, as part of the Bermuda Risk Summit series.

Marc Grandisson – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Arch’s Grandisson: “This is Bermuda’s leadership moment”


In this 10-minute interview with The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts at the inaugural Bermuda Risk Summit, listen to what Marc Grandisson, CEO of Arch Capital Group, has to say.

Christian Dunleavy – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Aspen’s Dunleavy: Russia-Ukraine conflict has thrown industry into “uncharted territory”


Watch an exclusive 12-minute interview with Aspen Group CUO Christian Dunleavy and The Insurer TV’s Sophie Roberts at the Bermuda Risk Summit 2022.

Lisa Lipuma Ben Fidlow Mike Gosselin Risk Spotlight

Climate change: the amplifier of all industry risks


The prevalence of emerging climate perils continues to put pressure on the (re)insurance industry to respond amid rising losses and growing uncertainty for the sector, in addition to a widening protection gap. Understanding the impacts of climate change has become a top priority, as no portfolio or line of business ...

David Hart – Bermuda Risk Summit 2022

Bermuda Risk Summit set to tackle industry’s top themes


The Insurer team will be out in force in Bermuda next week as the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) hosts its inaugural “Bermuda Risk Summit”. 

Emma Karhan – Aon

Bringing the industry’s voice to the table – Aon’s Emma Karhan reflects on COP26


As COP26 discussions came to a close last week in Glasgow, Aon’s Emma Karhan believes the event has helped highlight the important role the insurance industry has to play in helping mobilise capital to address challenges posed by climate change.