Hello and welcome to the first issue of The ReInsurer, the weekly publication through the month of September dedicated to coverage of the reinsurance sector and the issues that will shape upcoming renewal negotiations and the outlook for 2021.

For those of you that will miss the exchange of news and views around the hotel lobbies of Monte Carlo – or anywhere else on the Autumn conference circuit – we’ve got you covered.


Download Issue One: 1-7 September


Published each Tuesday between now and the end of September, The ReInsurer will bring you exclusive news, analysis, industry leader insights and highlights of the many video interviews, podcasts and virtual roundtables we have lined up as part of our inaugural Reinsurance Month.

In our first issue, we set the scene by taking an in-depth look at the dynamics that will drive the renewal process in the coming months.

As initial modelled losses emerge for Hurricane Laura, the picture is of yet another small to mid-sized catastrophe hit in 2020 against a backdrop of great uncertainty over Covid-19 and its ultimate impact.

For a market that was already moving the expectation is that pricing momentum will continue to build.

Elsewhere our broad coverage features insights from reinsurance broking leaders who all acknowledge the challenges to come as they approach a much tougher market.

We also bring you breaking and exclusive news as well as analysis on Lloyd’s capacity, total return reinsurers and post-Covid capital raising.

And our roster of senior industry voices bring to bear their expertise in ILS after Covid-19, the future of the LatAm market, the impact of the pandemic on global aviation, flood risk and more.

We know you will find value in The ReInsurer, but we have not given up the day job.

Although we will not be publishing our regular London and New York daily editions today – or the remaining Tuesdays in September, when you’ll receive The ReInsurer instead – you will receive our dailies as usual on all other weekdays, as well as our regular breaking news alerts.

Here are a few highlights of the first issue of The ReInsurer

TigerRisk’s Fox: market not “rock-hard” heading into 1.1

Rod Fox tells The Insurer that despite the market hardening, conditions are a far cry from the mid-80s.

Gossmann & Cie continues European buildout as eyes post-Covid opportunities

Arndt Gossmann says that Covid-19 will likely be a capital event for the industry in 2021, warning carriers that inertia will be fatal…

ILS demand rises amid investor interest resurgence

Schroder Secquaero’s Dirk Lohmann and Stephan Ruoff on the resurgence of investor capital flowing into the sector.

Syndicate pre-emptions target 2021 capacity increases to grow in hard market

The Insurer is aware of at least £1.1bn in additional capacity being requested for 2021 – with this total potentially rising as more syndicates submit requests. See our analysis on page 47 for more detail on who is looking to grow…

Total return reinsurers head down different paths

What next for the class that emerged between 2012 and 2016?

Evercore’s evolution highlighted by role in current scale-ups and “class of 2020” aspirants

Analysis by The Insurer has shown that New York-headquartered investment bank Evercore has emerged as a dominant adviser among existing and aspiring carriers looking to raise capital in the post Covid-19 hardening market.