The Transportation Layer is ripe for digital disruption argues Russell Group in a new white paper: Which sectors will suffer the most digital disruption and why?

The white paper identifies the following areas within the transportation layer that are ripe for disruption:

1. Shipping
2. Insurance
3. Oil & Gas
4. Mining
5. Healthcare 

Speaking at the launch of the new white paper, Suki Basi, CEO of Russell Group said “There is a lot of noise at the moment - and rightly so - about digital disruption. Yet, what we have identified as a central focus of this sector-wide disruption is the Transportation Layer. This connected layer, which encompasses aviation, shipping, energy, insurance, and finance plays a vital role not just in the global economy but also in our day-to-day lives.

“I am pleased to publish this new white paper as it signals a new shift in Russell’s approach to data analytics and risk modelling. We are focusing over the coming months on The Russell Universe data solution, which seeks to understand not only who operates across this layer but how interconnected these sectors are. Once this universe is better understood, our data will provide new insights into today’s new threat actors such as supply chain, cyber, regulatory and political disruptors. ”

Download the full white paper below…