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At The Insurer, we believe in producing trusted and accurate news, analytics and intelligence on the global (re)insurance markets from our three editorial hubs: London, New York and Los Angeles.

We are committed to providing the industry’s professionals and investors with a single information resource focused on expert coverage and deep-dive analysis in key markets, including:

  • NA commercial and E&S
  • Lloyd’s and London market
  • Bermuda, Zurich, Singapore
  • European and global (re)insurance
  • Retro and ILS
  • Live and legacy
  • All major US and global specialty/commercial classes

And we provide this content via a variety of fast, reader-friendly media including: bi-monthly podcasts, two daily newsletters, website, smartphone app and breaking news email alerts. Our readers can also choose which content they want to receive and when.

In less than eighteen months, we have become the industry’s fastest-growing publication with almost 15,000 full subscribers from around the world.

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