US program insurance sector

Time for a reality check…


This publication was launched a couple of years ago because we, as publishers, saw an opportunity to bring a valuable news service to a booming sector.

Target Markets

The capacity challenge…


The “capacity is king” trope is widely used in the MGA and programs space, and for good reason.


Get with the program…


If the challenge of the inflationary impact on property reinsurance renewals was a dominant theme of the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous last week, then the buoyant state of the $100bn+ programs and MGA sector may be seen by some as a welcome diversion for reinsurers retrenching from cat that are seeking ...


The next frontier is here…


For almost as long as the ILS market has been around the question has been when and whether an asset class hitherto dominated by cat risk could be broadened to encompass longer-tail exposures and provide a more diversified uncorrelated portfolio to investors.

Sunny outlook

Sunny outlook despite gathering storm clouds


With mounting recessionary fears amid surging inflation and rising interest rates; geopolitical uncertainty from the Russia-Ukraine conflict and government instability elsewhere; and a growing frequency of extreme weather events, storm clouds are gathering over the global outlook.

The Union League Club

Runway for growth


Early this year when we were weighing up hosting events for Program Manager amid continued uncertainty around Covid-19 we were told (to misquote Field of Dreams): build it and they will come.


The great migration


Plenty has been written in recent years about the threat to the wider P&C insurance industry posed by a finite talent pool and a succession void as the ageing demographics of its senior ranks outpace the flow of human capital in the tiers below.

Natural disasters 2

Capacity crunch


It was at the Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association (WSIA)’s Annual Marketplace 2021 in San Diego back in November that the extent of carrier retrenchment from supporting cat-focused property MGAs became clear.

The Union League Club

New frontiers


In a short month that has already seen the publication of our relaunch issue of Program Manager, we might have been forgiven if our official February issue was a little thin on the ground.

The structual shift

The structural shift


Despite AM Best’s pitch that its now officially launched Best’s PA will bring transparency to the delegated underwriting authority sector, the word is not one readily associated with the programs space that MGAs, MGUs and program administrators occupy.