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In a “normal” year it’d be about this time we’d be finalizing our schedules, putting the slacks and sports jackets into the cleaners and prepping up for Target Markets.

Program manager

Growth engine


Just as there has been a deluge of headlines about start-ups and scale-ups in the broader (re)insurance sector as investors target hard market opportunities, the world of Program Manager has seen plenty of positioning for growth by incumbents as well as new players.

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Hard market timing


Start-ups, M&A and fundraising have been targeting the program sector as well as the wider P&C market. But how long will the window of opportunity stay open?

Ambac and Everspan

A heftier addition…


News broken by The Insurer that rehabilitated Ambac is lining up a live insurance platform that looks set to include a program fronting capability raises the prospect of a fresh addition to the already swollen ranks of vehicles that have rolled off the production line over the last few years.

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Access to paper and alignment of interests


Cementing access to paper and demonstrating alignment of interests with (re)insurers has become increasingly important for MGAs and program administrators.


Florida opportunity draws interest


The well-documented woes of the Florida homeowners market might not paint a picture of a burgeoning opportunity for new entrants, but a number of recent developments point to fresh interest in the Sunshine State.

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Program Manager: no time like the present


Welcome to the first issue of Program Manager, the new monthly ezine brought to you by the publishers of The Insurer.

Spinnaker Insurance

Hippo-Spinnaker deal brings paper guarantee


Rumours that Hippo and Spinnaker were in talks over a potential transaction had been circulating in the program fronting space for a number of months.


Setting targets is brave but shows R&Q confidence…


2019 feels a long time ago which might explain why there was a sense of a history lesson with R&Q’s strong FY results published this morning (share price up 13 percent by midday).