2022 Winners

Individual MGA of the year

One80: Cannasure

MGA platform of the year

Euclid Program Managers

Program insurer of the year

Zurich North America

Reinsurer of the year

Topsail Re

Fronting carrier of the year

Transverse Insurance Group

Program insurtech of the year

Delos Insurance Solutions

Program launch of the year

Transportation Specialty Underwriters

M&A advisor of the year

Piper Sandler

Reinsurance broker of the year


Innovation in programs award

One80: Covac Global

Program Manager rising star of the year

Cara Matarazzo, Transverse Insurance Group

Editor's choice: Services to Program Management

Pat Rastiello and Accredited

Editor's choice: M&A Transaction of the year

CRC-Constellation Affiliated Partners

Editor's choice: Transaction of the year

Aspen and Ryan Specialty Underwriting Managers

Program Manager outstanding contributor

John Colis, Euclid Insurance Services