2022 Awards Shortlist
(in alphabetical order)

Individual MGA of the year

One80: Cannasure

Delos Insurance Solutions

U.S. Assure

Glatfelter Insurance Group

CATcoverage.com (Poulton Associates LLC)

MGA platform of the year

Balance Partners, LLC

Euclid Program Managers

K2 Insurance Services


Ryan Specialty Underwriting Managers

Program insurer of the year

Everest InsuranceĀ®

Homesite Underwriting Managers, LLC

Munich Re Specialty Insurance

Zurich North America

Fronting carrier of the year

Accredited America

Clear Blue Insurance Group

Transverse Insurance Group

Trisura Specialty Insurance Company & Trisura Insurance Company

Program insurtech of the year


Boost Insurance

Corvus Insurance

Delos Insurance Solutions


Program launch of the year

One80: Covac Global

RPS Signature Programs

Transportation Specialty Underwriters

The Cannabis Insurance Company


M&A advisor of the year

Piper Sandler

TigerRisk Capital Markets & Advisory

Waller Helms Advisors

Stonybrook Capital

Reinsurance broker of the year

Acrisure Re


Gallagher Re

Stonybrook Risk Management

Innovation in programs award

Aspen Insurance & Ryan Specialty Underwriting Managers

One80: Covac Global

PAK Programs

TigerRisk Capital Markets & Advisory

Program Manager rising star of the year

Alex Aune, K2 Insurance

Cara Matarazzo, Transverse

Matt Roper, One80

Taylor Walker, Loadsure

Zach Walton, Liberty Mutual Programs

Program Manager outstanding contributor

The winner for this category has been chosen by the judging panel and will be announced at the ceremony on 17 May.