About the Awards


The prestigious Program Manager Awards will celebrate excellence, success and achievement in one of the most dynamic areas of the non-life (re)insurance industry, recognising and showcasing the best in the sector.

It will represent a fantastic occasion to meet market peers and be inspired by distinctive talent within the market, while leaving with a better understanding of where the program sector is heading through 2022.


John Colis

John Colis

President and CEO, Euclid Insurance Services

President, Target Markets Program Administrators Association

Tracey Carragher

Tracey Carragher

Founder and managing partner


Jeremy Hitzig

Jeremy Hitzig


Starfish Specialty Programs

Michael Jameson

Michael Jameson


GC Access

David Bull

David Bull

North American editor

The Insurer

Awards categories

Individual MGA of the year

Entries to this flagship Program Manager award category will be MGAs, MGUs and Program Administrators in the US P&C marketplace, including those operating on larger platforms as well as independent players. Candidates must demonstrate a strong track record of delivering for their (re)insurance capacity providers in 2021 as well bringing specialty solutions to their distribution partners. Judges will consider evidence of premium growth and underwriting performance metrics where they can be provided. The judging panel will also assess the impact of candidates on the sector through bringing new product, access to new markets for carrier partners, and providing a platform for entrepreneurial underwriting talent.

MGA platform of the year

This category is open to platforms that house multiple MGAs, MGUs and Program Administrators, including established underwriting divisions of large intermediaries, start-up MGA platforms and incubator or infrastructure as a service platforms. The judging panel will assess the track record of candidates during the evaluation period (2021) in bringing new programs/MGAs to market, delivering consistent product and capacity to distribution partners, and providing a home for entrepreneurial underwriting talent. Judges will assess speed to market, infrastructure efficiencies, and for those platforms that are part of large intermediaries will evaluate the strategic role they play in their respective organizations.

Program insurer of the year

This category is open to all insurance companies writing program business in the US P&C sector as a traditional carrier. Successful candidates will be those that can demonstrate their commitment to the sector, the strategic importance of program business within their portfolios, strong underwriting performance and the provision of outstanding service to their distribution partners in the past year. They will also be assessed on their ability to innovate and develop unique specialty solutions that are the cornerstone of the US programs sector.

Reinsurer of the year

This category is open to all reinsurance companies – in the US and overseas – that are currently supporting US P&C programs business. Candidates will be required to demonstrate their commitment to the sector through the number and longevity of their relationships and the role programs business plays in their overall portfolio.

Fronting carrier of the year

This category is open to pure fronting carriers and the growing number of hybrid fronting carriers operating in the sector. Candidates must demonstrate the value they bring to their reinsurance panels and MGA partners and must be able to clearly articulate what differentiates them in a crowded marketplace. They will be assessed on their ability to show that their growth and onboarding of programs is based on tight underwriting controls and due diligence, as well as the processes that provide their reinsurance partners with transparency around the performance of the programs they support. The winning candidate will be able to show that it is a long-term strategic partner that has the best interests of the health of the program sector at its core.

Program insurtech of the year

This category is open to insurtechs underwriting in the program sector that can demonstrate their use of new technology to bring product to the market. This can include the application of technological innovation to underwriting processes as well as distribution processes. Candidates must be able to show that the technology is at the core of their operating model and strategy and that its use is enabling programs to be written or distributed more efficiently and effectively, or to bring innovative new products to clients. They must also show traction and take-up in the market.

Program launch of the year

This category is open to any new program launched in 2021. Candidates will be expected to articulate the unmet need their new program is designed to meet, the specialty aspect of it, any innovation involved bringing it to market, support from insurance and reinsurance capacity providers and take-up in the market post-launch. The winner will be the candidate that can best demonstrate the positive impact their new program has had on the marketplace and the specialty expertise and innovation behind it.

M&A advisor of the year

After another year of active M&A, fundraising and start-up activity in the US programs space, this category will award the advisory firm that made the most impact on the sector. Candidates will be expected to highlight the transactions they have been involved in and their role in bringing a successful outcome for all parties. The judges will not only look at the quantity and size of deals, but also their significance to the marketplace.

Reinsurance broker of the year

Reinsurance brokers are key to the process of launching programs and keeping them going by structuring reinsurance support and advising on almost all facets of the business. The category is open to all reinsurance intermediaries active in the US programs sector. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate the role they have played in securing capacity and structuring deals for new and established programs. The judging panel will also assess the scope of the practices of reinsurance brokers with a presence in the space, their investment in services to support the sector and their involvement in bringing innovative product to the marketplace.

Innovation in programs award

This broad category is open to any participant in the US programs sector that can demonstrate they brought true innovation in 2021. Innovation could be in the form of product at the front end, providing infrastructure to rapidly launch programs, or new structures and sources of underwriting capacity from alternative capital providers. Candidates must articulate why their innovation was needed and the impact they expect it to have on the market. Judges will assess the level of innovation, the way it has been brought to market and the amount of traction it has gained in the market.

Program Manager rising star of the year

Talent is at the very core of the future success of the US programs sector. This category is intended to recognize the best up-and-coming talent at MGAs, MGUs, program administrators, program carriers and other participants in the sector that will form the next generation of leaders. Companies operating in the sector may nominate rising stars from within their organization or at counterparties and will be expected to detail the skills and achievements of their colleagues that warrant their inclusion in this category.

Program Manager outstanding contributor (no submissions)

The judging panel will grant this award to an individual they believe has made an outstanding contribution to the US programs sector in their career.