Pre-Monte Carlo Forum 2019

First light or a false dawn?

For anyone interested in the London and international (re)insurance markets, The Insurer’s Pre-Monte Carlo Forum is the essential event to take the pulse of the industry on the eve of the annual Rendez-Vous de Septembre.

Taking place three days before the annual gathering in the Principality, the Pre-Monte Carlo Forum is a two-hour masterclass on what is really happening in our industry – which attracts 350 market professionals, including investors, from London and overseas each year.

It is no exaggeration to say that this year’s forum will be one of the most eagerly anticipated and informative events of the past decade.

For we now have reasons to be optimistic after years of declining rates, enervating losses, fierce competition and surplus capital.

Specialty rates are on the rise in the US E&S markets and in wholesale hubs such as London and Bermuda; Lloyd’s – under John Neal – has rediscovered a sense of shared purpose with his ambitious vision of digitalizing the market; and reinsurers have shown a reinvigorated determination ahead of the mid-year renewals that – just a year ago – appeared brittle-thin.

But should we temper optimism with realism? Is this the first light of dawn or are we still confronted by dark clouds?

Our Pre-Monte Carlo Forum will debate the key questions on many lips: Are Neal’s plans a “wish-list” or a must-deliver prospectus? How will they be executed and funded? Ultimately, can Lloyd’s deliver fundamental change – such as digitized risk exchanges – against a multitude of completing stakeholders with differing interests? We’ve heard the ideas – how will they be executed? And – equally importantly - how will they be funded when Neal says there will no levy?

Will rising rates enable the industry’s management to once again hide the inefficiencies in business models? How long-term is a harder-market when capital is so fluid? As demonstrated by the launch of the $1.8bn Convex Group – the largest ever P&C rated start-up.

Talking of start-ups, this month has also borne the launch of McGill & Partners, a bold new broker with $250mn of committed funds and with many $100mns of future funding; making it the largest ever broker to launch from a standing start.

Both launches signify the winds of change that are gusting through the industry. Both ventures promise a new way of conducting business, a focus on technology, clean-balance sheets and the expertise to challenge today’s incumbents. Will they succeed? Or will inertia hold back their ambitions?

Key themes covered at this year’s event will be:

  • Lloyd’s: is the vision of change deliverable?
  • How will Lloyd’s fund and deliver its change agenda?
  • 2020 rate expectations
  • How is ILS evolving after the challenges of 2017-18?
  • M&A – is the pressure slowing?
  • London after Brexit
  • Should the industry’s big beasts be nervous by the 2019 start-ups?

The format will be a 20-minute presentation by each of our hand-picked speakers, followed by a chaired Q&A discussion, where you’ll have the chance to ask our industry experts for their view on this year’s demanding themes.

There will be no sales pitches, no platitudes and no waffle. Instead, it will be a must-attend two-hour briefing on what is really happening in our industry ahead of this year's Rendez-Vous.

We look forward to seeing you there…