In our latest edition of The Best Policy, we are joined by Mike Sapnar, President and Chief Executive Officer of TransRe.

Throughout the first episode of our two-part interview, we explore the market dynamics in reinsurance and underlying insurance business and how this market compares to the true hard markets of 1986 and 2001.

We begin by asking Mike, who has been at TransRe for 25 years, whether he has ever seen a similar market dynamic and what his observations are on the underlying insurance business and reinsurance pricing.

The chief executive also talks about the investment environment and how he expects to see risk appetites and conservatism on the balance sheet.

Finally, we discuss lessons from Covid-19 and the imperative to strip cost from the value chain, as well as the impact of uncertainty on reinsurance demand going forward as people look at volatility in their earnings.

Don’t miss the first half of our interview with Mike Sapnar.

Part II will air later this week and will focus on the ILS market, strategic capital relationships, insurability of pandemics and the industry’s diversity issue.

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