In the second instalment of our podcast interview with Markel’s Co-CEO Richie Whitt, we discuss Covid-19 losses, capital raising and what low interest rates mean for return expectations.

Richie talks about Covid-19 from a company perspective and shares his thoughts on the potential impact of a second wave on the business.

We also discuss the overall insurability of pandemic as an exposure from an industry perspective and what role the latter should play in any solution. 

Following the significant amount of capital raises and start-ups beginning to emerge in the sector, our guest explains why he expects capital inflow will not temper hardening in the areas that Markel operates at upcoming renewals.

Finally, we look at return expectations in a low interest rate environment and the pandemic as catalyst for technological revolution in the industry.

Part I covers market conditions, capital allocation, fundraising in the ILS space and the fronting solutions business at State National.

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