In our latest edition on The Best Policy, we are joined by Pat Regan - Group Chief Executive Officer of QBE Insurance Group Limited.

Throughout today’s episode, we focus on the Covid-19 impact on the industry and recovery management following the aftermath of the pandemic.

We begin by looking at the key priorities from a company, shareholder and customer point of view, as well as QBE’s position from both a preservation standpoint and a hardening market following the A$1.3bn ($825mn) capital raise in the wake of the outbreak.

We also discuss the FCA High Court test case over BI claims and Regan shares his views on how the UK is handling this area of tension in comparison to other jurisdictions.

Following reports that the company stopped writing trade credit insurance for two Australian retailers, Regan explains his outlook for this line of business on a global scale.

Ultimately, we explore what the answer to pandemic cover is moving forward and what markets are best positioned to deliver on innovative products.

Part II will focus on the de-risking programme and will be published at the beginning of next week.

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