In the second half of our interview with QBE’s CEO we look at the simplification strategy and wider de-risking programme Regan has led at QBE since he took the helm in 2017.

In the first half, we focus on how the global insurer is managing the pandemic impact, current lost estimates and how different jurisdictions and regulators are handling the tensions around BI claims.

In Part II, Regan explains why the North American market has been difficult for QBE in the past and what his current plans are in light of continued hardening, including the company’s appetite for MGA business.

As QBE continues to maintain the significant upsized core cat XOL, risk XOL and cat aggregate cover it put in place in 2019, we discuss how this strategy is further navigating the company through market uncertainty. 

Regan also shares how disruptive Covid-19 has been to QBE’s overall strategy, what his views are on the structural changes happening at Lloyd’s and its future, as well as QBE’s London Market strategy moving forward.

Following the major shift in market dynamics and the balance between intermediaries and insurers as the market hardens, Regan comments on the future for facilities, broker value and remuneration. 

Ultimately, the chief executive states his expectations for the market and QBE for the remaining of 2020 and 2021.

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