In a special edition of our podcast series, we are joined by Mark Randall – an elite performance and resilience coach and organisational mindfulness specialist.

Our podcast this week, as you might have already gathered from Mark’s job title, focuses on something a little different from our regular schedule. Today, we will be discussing mental health and, more specifically, mental health and the drivers of stress in the workplace.

2020 has been an undeniably difficult year for mental health. The threat of infection, repeated lockdowns, social isolation and economic uncertainty have created widespread fear and anxiety. And although this industry is resilient to many things, no one is completely resilient to the circumstances that have been created by Covid-19 or indeed, the management of stress more generally.

It is against this backdrop that we are delighted that Mark was able to join us to discuss these important topics.

For Mark, the most important asset any business has is its people and therefore they must be looked after.

Having spent 40 years as a frontline broker for financial and commodities markets at a major investment bank, Mark is all too familiar with the stress and the pressure individuals working in high-stress industries can face and is both careful and practical in his advice and commentary about mental health in the workplace more generally, while factoring in the wider impact caused by Covid-19.

He is also close to the insurance industry, having participated in last year’s Dive In Festival, in addition to working with Lloyd’s, Marsh and several other well-known industry names on both resilience and mindfulness.

During this episode, we discuss some of the major mental health events of 2020, exploring how these have arisen, manifested and continue to challenge individuals in the workplace.

We discuss the importance of improving our understanding of what mental health is and Mark runs us through a range of strategies and interventions he has seen work successfully to help improve mental health in this industry and others which we should all take note of.

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