HSCM’s Michael Millette on investor interest in the (re)insurance market: Part I

This week on The Best Policy, we are joined by Michael Millette - Founder and Managing Partner of Hudson Structured Capital Management (HSCM).

Audio: HSCM’s Michael Millette on investor interest in the (re)insurance market - Part I

In a compelling two-part interview, we discuss what is driving the current interest from investors in the (re)insurance markets, the potential for new sidecars to be formed and how carriers looking to establish them will need to create mechanisms to untrap capital quickly.

We begin by looking at the recent equity raises for existing platforms and consider the Class of 2020 new sidecars. Michael also explains that on a broad basis the current environment is arguably the best opportunity to invest in the (re)insurance market since 9/11.

Ultimately, we explore existing opportunities in the insurtech space and how the sector will be evolving, as well as the reasons for HSCM’s two significant London Market investments - R&Q’s $100 equity raise and AIG’s new Syndicate 2019 at Lloyd’s.

Listen to the first episode as Michael Millette offers his perspective on the general appeal of the (re)insurance industry to investors at present.

Part II will be published later this week.

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