In the second instalment of our interview with Andy Marcell, chief executive of Reinsurance Solutions at Aon, we discuss casualty reinsurance, buying strategies in a challenging marketplace, potential shifts in demand and structure, and the upcoming Willis transaction.

We start by addressing concerns about casualty reserves on recent accident years and whether that is leading to demand for additional reinsurance protection. 

Next, we talk about the buying strategy coming up to renewal and how clients can differentiate themselves to get a better outcome. Andy shares whether he sees a meaningful shift in the kind of reinsurance structures that clients are looking to buy.

We also discuss how reinsurance can help support opportunities for insurers to grow in the E&S market, and how the use of data and analytics can drive that process. 

Finally, we ask our guest about the pending Willis transaction and retaining talent.

Part I can be found here and covers market dynamics, the experience gap, the impact of Covid-19 uncertainty and reinsurance capital. 

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