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  • Boston, USA

    Time to get religion


    Aside from a strong public stand by select reinsurers in Florida at mid-year renewals, most of the talk in 2019 has been about traction in the primary insurance market.

  • George Freimarck – Xceedance

    Delivering insurance operations transformation


    Managing director of Europe at Xceedance George Freimarck sat down with The Insurer ahead of Baden-Baden to talk through the firm’s global footprint of insurtech and insurservices delivery, regional nuances and the challenges global insurance clients face in specific markets

  • pills

    Opioids: Casualty’s next market-turning event?


    As market-turning events such as Enron fade from collective memory, Russell Group’s managing director Suki Basi discusses the dark clouds on the horizon for the casualty (re)insurance market.

  • Uday Virkud – Xceedance

    Cat models à la carte


    Xceedance board member Uday Virkud talks through on-demand cat modelling services – from Xceedance, in association with participating cat modelling firms on the Oasis Loss Modelling Framework – and the unique value of the offering for the global insurance industry

  • Stampede

    IGI should be applauded as it runs towards the stampede


    In his autobiography “My life and hard times”, the creator of Walter Mitty, James Thurber, writes of a fine day in Spring 1913 when his town of Columbus, Ohio was temporarily gripped with insanity.

  • IFTRIP – Brussels

    Terrorism pools highlight benefits of industry working with governments


    As the International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)Insurance Pools (IFTRIP) holds its annual conference in Brussels this week, The Insurer looks to the role that public sector partnerships can play in transferring risk for the world’s most costly threats.

  • Businessman falling

    The Fall Guy


    If soon-to-depart European Central Bank president Mario Draghi thought he would receive a warm congratulatory speech and a gold clock as he prepares to step down from his post, he was gravely mistaken. Instead, in the form of an interview this week with The Financial Times, Draghi has been roundly ...

  • John Neal – The Future at Lloyd's

    A long journey…


    Yesterday John Neal unveiled his widely anticipated blueprint for his transformation programme, The Future at Lloyd’s.

  • William Wharton – Argo

    Leadership is key to achieving diversity


    As the industry digests the revelations from last week’s international Dive In festival – insurance’s biggest event promoting D I to date – Argo’s head of insurance in Bermuda, William Wharton, shares the benefits leaders can affect by fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce…

  • Jeremy Corbyn addressing crowd

    Corbyn’ cold shoulder as the Brexit monster continues to dominate


    Yesterday morning the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned from New York, his trip cut short by the unexpected Supreme Court ruling that his temporary closure of Parliament (or proroguing in political language) was illegal.

  • San Diego

    Time for the E&S market to stand up and deliver


    This year’s WSIA annual marketplace, which starts in San Diego today, comes amid a surge of new business and widespread price increases that are creating the hardest market many will have experienced in their careers.

  • Greg Hendrick AXA XL

    The pricing mismatch…


    Insurance rates and terms are hardening in most specialty classes after years of attritional losses. Retro – after the shocks of 2017-18 – is tightening rapidly and is expected to continue into 1.1.

  • Light bulbs

    Taking the initiative forward


    Luzi Hitz, CEO, and Eduard Held, head of products, at Perils consider how the industry initiative will build on the successes of the last decade.

  • Tom Booth, CEO of Darag

    European legacy remains competitive and strong


    Over the past decade, as the impact of Solvency II capital requirements has become evident, continental insurers have warmed to the solutions offered by legacy providers. The established legal frameworks, with UK Part VII transfers just one example, have aided the expansion of the sector. Legacy companies and their clients ...

  • Business strategy

    Disrupt from within


    For all the talk of collapsing the capital-to-risk chain, little has been accomplished.

  • Property data

    The property data revolution


    Many traditional exposure models are unfit for purpose. High resolution data tools can take property underwriting to the next level, says Jason Futers, CEO, Insurdata.

  • Data

    New data standards for a new era of risk


    The positive impact of catastrophe data exchange formats, such as the RMS Exposure Data Model (EDM) and Results Data Model (RDM), and other vendor formats, is a testament to the pioneering work carried out in the first decades of cat modelling. But the (re)insurance industry now requires a new data ...

  • Short and long term

    Seeing beyond the short term


    Liberty Mutual Re’s president Dieter Winkel examines how best to respond to what seems an increasingly chaotic world.

  • Evolution

    Evolution not revolution


    It was Justin Trudeau who in 2018 first coined the phrase that ‘the pace of change has never been this fast – yet it will never be this slow again’. One year later these words seem wiser than ever and the phrase has become a truism. While exciting, it can ...

  • Osaka wakes up after Typhoon Jebi

    What happens when an ILW trigger under delivers?


    What happens when everything you’ve counted on fails right in front of you? When everything you’ve believed just collapses, leaving you with questions and regret?