Ari Chatterjee – Envelop Risk

​Cyber reinsurance market matures with XoL shift

Ari Chatterjee, Bermuda-based head of underwriting at cyber (re)insurance MGA Envelop Risk, partnering with MS Amlin capacity, analyses the nascent cyber reinsurance market after the 1.1 renewals and notes clear signs of market maturing…

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Gallagher and Lockton texts offer a cautionary tale

In the past week, bitter disputes on both sides of the Atlantic over broker defections have provided textbook examples of what not to text. For broking companies – and any other participants in the (re)insurance industry – they provide a worrying reminder that they should beware what their executives are ...

E. David Burt

It may be a temporary setback but Bermuda could do without more self-inflicted wounds...

If the adage ‘bad news travels fast’ is to believed, then word of Bermuda’s addition to the European Union’s tax haven blacklist last week must have been reverberating around the island in next-to-no time.

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The downside of litigation: Airing dirty laundry

This morning, The Insurer revealed that the bitter - and very personal - legal dispute between Gallagher and UK broking Group Ardonagh had finally begun.

Aon WTW share price i

Where next for Aon, Willis and the fast-changing global broker landscape?

Where next for Aon and Willis and indeed how will the global broking landscape change over the next 12-24 months?

Pool Re – Evolution

Pool Re’s evolution continues…

There were at least three reasons to welcome the UK Security Minister’s announcement earlier today that British anti-terrorism agencies are partnering with Pool Re to build a new public information exchange, funded by the country’s insurers.

Aon and WTW 24 hour clock

The shortest M&A saga in history?

News this morning that Aon is not after all going to pursue a transaction with Willis Towers Watson may rank as the shortest M&A saga in history.

Dan Glaser – handshake

Glaser shows the art of doing a deal…

Dan Glaser is going to get a reputation as a clinical deal maker like Warren Buffett if he continues like this.

Florida Orange

The big squeeze – will it actually happen?

For the first time in several years, the signs are that the upcoming Florida renewal will lead to meaningful rate increases.

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Pool Re terror bond highlights future London ILS role

After over two years of lobbying by the UK insurance industry, the British government was yesterday persuaded to create a tax friendly regime for onshore collateralised risk transfers.


Was it all worth it?

The London insurance market is vital to both the City of London and UK plc; its direct contribution to the UK economy is estimated at 1 percent and it accounts for over 26 percent of the total contribution from the Square Mile.

FCA dynamite

Comment: London brokers steel themselves for potential FCA bombshell

There may be some sleepless nights among senior London market broker executives tonight as they prepare themselves for the UK regulator to publish its long-awaited results into the wholesale broker market in a few hours’ time.

David Rowland

The man who saved Lloyd’s

In contrast to some of the more recent, excitable commentary about Lloyd’s gloomy future, today’s sad news is a reminder that a generation ago Lloyd’s really was facing an existential crisis.

Pool Re Mind the Gap

What lessons can we learn from Pool Re on closing the protection gap?

Earlier today, the UK government announced that Royal Assent* had been granted to the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 2018.

BB&T insurance adjusted

BB&T to switch on insurance growth button

As the last of the major US brokerage operations with bank ownership – and one of the few that balances significant retail and wholesale platforms – BB&T Insurance has long been the subject of speculation over its parent’s commitment to maintaining a presence in the insurance sector.

Lloyds buidling landscape

Lloyd’s M&A: ERS and Neon will be the litmus test for PE appetite

Despite the proposed £400mn+ sale of Liberty Group’s Pembroke Managing Agency entering into exclusivity, a number of other Lime Street sale processes have recently faltered amidst buyer caution, a brutal 2019 business plan exercise and mismatches on valuation.

CatCo magnify glass

CatCo comment: the mystery deepens…

The widespread incredulity of CatCo’s initial loss picks when it raised over $2bn in the wake of the 2017’s cat events meant not everyone was as surprised as Markel’s shareholders were when its retro fund manager subsidiary confirmed it was facing “governmental inquiries” in the US and Bermuda.


1.1s: It’s all about the C word...

Willis Re and JLT Re published their reviews of the 1.1 renewal season today and, on first read, it is difficult to match their analysis with the “hardening” predictions heard with increasing confidence in Q4 2018 by underwriters.

Dan Glaser handshake

Glaser rewards JLT strengths in new specialty structure

Seasoned deal-makers often say the easy part of successful M&A is agreeing terms; the tough bit is execution.

US government. Washington

For non-US reinsurers operating in the US reinsurance market—options for 2019 and beyond

On December 19, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) will vote on, and presumably approve, another set of changes to its model credit for reinsurance law and regulation. These changes are designed to implement the EU-US Covered Agreement and extend it to permit qualifying reinsurers in non-EU countries such ...