Greg Hendrick AXA XL

The pricing mismatch…

Insurance rates and terms are hardening in most specialty classes after years of attritional losses. Retro – after the shocks of 2017-18 – is tightening rapidly and is expected to continue into 1.1.

Light bulbs

Taking the initiative forward

Luzi Hitz, CEO, and Eduard Held, head of products, at Perils consider how the industry initiative will build on the successes of the last decade.

Tom Booth, CEO of Darag

European legacy remains competitive and strong

Over the past decade, as the impact of Solvency II capital requirements has become evident, continental insurers have warmed to the solutions offered by legacy providers. The established legal frameworks, with UK Part VII transfers just one example, have aided the expansion of the sector. Legacy companies and their clients ...


New data standards for a new era of risk

The positive impact of catastrophe data exchange formats, such as the RMS Exposure Data Model (EDM) and Results Data Model (RDM), and other vendor formats, is a testament to the pioneering work carried out in the first decades of cat modelling. But the (re)insurance industry now requires a new data ...

Property data

The property data revolution

Many traditional exposure models are unfit for purpose. High resolution data tools can take property underwriting to the next level, says Jason Futers, CEO, Insurdata.

Boris Johnson – Lloyd's

Britain’s new Prime Minister and the cunning Lloyd’s fraudster

Boris Johnson swept into 10 Downing Street this summer. The (re)insurance industry is naturally focused on his government’s negotiations with the EU over the UK’s exit but he also has an intriguing connection with the Lloyd’s market that goes back almost 30 years…

Regional growth analysis

Solving for X

Following The Insurer’s exclusive coverage of Hyperion X Analytic’s reinsurance market analysis published on Sunday, David Flandro explains how the newly launched data and technology business differs from competitors.

Johnathan Spry – Envelop

Lloyd’s not-so silent cyber clean up provides reinsurance opportunity

Co-founder and chief executive of cyber-focused Insurtech and MGA Envelop Risk, Jonathan Spry, applauds Lloyd’s mandate to eliminate non-affirmative or “silent” cyber risks and predicts it could provide a fillip for the nascent cyber reinsurance market…

The generation game

The generation game

Earlier this year as capacity was squeezed in segments of the US commercial insurance market a common complaint coming out of carrier and broker management concerned the experience gap.

Jean-Paul Conoscente – Scor

The reinsurance evolution

Scor Global P&C CEO Jean-Paul Conoscente on the role of reinsurers.

Data insights

Delivering modelling data insights to all

The democratization of risk data is a core mission for RMS; to provide relevant, timely risk insight to everyone who needs it – designed for every role in the business.


Securing the talent pipeline in reinsurance

Dieter Winkel on the importance of investing for the future.

Bermuda, Hamilton

The Insurer comment: Bermuda bellwether for market again

For a small island some 800 miles off the Carolinas, Bermuda has punched above its weight to carve out a position as a key (re)insurance center over the last 35 years.

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Other People’s Payback…

A veteran underwriter provided The Insurer with a succinct definition of one of those rare phenomena: a hard market.

Golden goose

Emulate not end the Pool Re golden egg…

Next week the UK will have a new Prime Minister. Whether it is current favourite Boris Johnson or his challenger Jeremy Hunt, the new First Lord of the Treasury will arrive at Ten Downing Street to inherit the failed Brexit process, a divided country and a minority in Parliament. If ...

US commercial Insurance

Market psychology points to sustained pricing shift

It will not come as any surprise if a strong theme of the upcoming Q2 earnings season is bullish commentary from insurers on US commercial insurance pricing.

Pool Re Mind the Gap

Pool Re edges closer to closing the terrorism protection gap

News today of Britain’s state-backed terrorism reinsurer Pool Re’s £40mn ($50mn) retro placement for non-damage business interruption (NDBI) following a terrorist attack marks the latest step in the organisation’s journey towards closing the insurable gap for UK firms.

S&P and AM Best

The rating agency paradox: rewarding those who cut prices…

It is a long-established paradox that the industry’s de facto global regulators – rating agencies AM Best and S&P – use premiums written rather than net exposures relative to capital as a measure of financial strength. The outcome of this approach is that if insurers cut rates in a soft ...


Misrepresenting the market?

It could be argued that Lloyd’s CEO John Neal has achieved more in a matter of months than his predecessor Inga Beale did over the course of her five years in the role.


New aviation entrants prepare for take-off…

News today of the launch of BGC’s new aviation broking intermediary is the latest in a series of developments for a sector which has had a busy – and at times turbulent – start to the year.