Tom Johansmeyer – ILW

What happens when an ILW trigger underdelivers? A critical look at 2018…

Last year the industry was reminded of the importance of using accurate loss data triggers for ILWs. Will the lesson be learnt, asks Thomas Johansmeyer, co-head of PCS.

E David Burt – Bermuda

Finally some good news for Bermuda…

It’s not been a great year thus far for Bermuda’s (re)insurance industry and, by extension, the island’s economy.

Key price predictions for remainder of 2019 i

A psychological shift

As with broad market transitions of the past, there doesn’t appear to be any one catalyst driving what looks to be a long-awaited change in the US commercial insurance market.

Florida June Renewals Preview

Misinformation in a “late and messy renewal”

The 2019 Florida renewal is proving hard to navigate for reinsurance buyers and commentators alike, amid conflicting intelligence and chatter in Bermuda and elsewhere.

John Neal and Lloyd's taskforce

Ideas are easy, execution is the tough bit…

Tomorrow morning, Lloyd’s brokers and underwriters will gather for the publication of CEO John Neal’s plans to transform the fortunes of the market.

Florida orange squeeze

Another day of reckoning for Floridians

The prospect of a late renewal where underperforming cedants face a rise in reinsurance costs of perhaps 25 percent or more heralds another day of reckoning for some of the state’s smaller carriers.

Argo share price i

Voce Capital’s Argo attack appears too little, too late

Earlier today, The Insurer revealed that the alternative investment firm EnTrust is the likely bankroller to activist Voce Capital’s attack on Argo Group.


Mixed messages from bellwethers on US commercial pricing

Travelers saw a strong increase in pricing momentum on its business insurance book, but specialty carrier RLI was more muted in its enthusiasm after “flat” E&S submissions and moderate rate hikes in the first quarter.

Les Rock – Rockstone

View from the Rock

London D&F guru Les Rock has been out of the market for eleven years before his surprise return last month. Will he be just as successful this time round or has the fac market immeasurably changed over the past decade? The Insurer finds out…

Florida and japan renewals

A tail of two renewals

The influence of adverse loss development on “short-tail” wind risk is proving a common theme in Japanese and Florida negotiations. But the reinsurance buying culture in the two markets couldn’t be any more different.

John Neal headlines

Neal: Turning negative Lloyd’s headlines into a platform for driving change

Another heavy loss-year and the recent negative headlines have presented Lloyd’s CEO John Neal with an opportunity to galvanise his mandate for change tomorrow. He started a day early with a decisive response on sexual harassment reports.

Kevin O’Donnell – RenaissanceRe

TMR departures no surprise as RenRe looks to accelerate strategy

Although post-M&A redundancies are never easy to stomach, the gutting of the senior ranks at Tokio Millennium Re (TMR) was a widely anticipated outcome from the moment RenRe announced a deal to buy the reinsurer from Tokio Marine for just over book value last October.

Florida Orange

​Comment: Nephila has a key role to play in Florida this year

As the market leader among ILS funds writing US cat risk, a tougher approach from Nephila at the Florida renewal could help support impetus for upwards rate movements, even if “risk-adjusted” rates don’t move as much, reflecting the reassessment of risk by reinsurers.

Ari Chatterjee – Envelop Risk

​Cyber reinsurance market matures with XoL shift

Ari Chatterjee, Bermuda-based head of underwriting at cyber (re)insurance MGA Envelop Risk, partnering with MS Amlin capacity, analyses the nascent cyber reinsurance market after the 1.1 renewals and notes clear signs of market maturing…

SMS message

Gallagher and Lockton texts offer a cautionary tale

In the past week, bitter disputes on both sides of the Atlantic over broker defections have provided textbook examples of what not to text. For broking companies – and any other participants in the (re)insurance industry – they provide a worrying reminder that they should beware what their executives are ...

E. David Burt

It may be a temporary setback but Bermuda could do without more self-inflicted wounds...

If the adage ‘bad news travels fast’ is to believed, then word of Bermuda’s addition to the European Union’s tax haven blacklist last week must have been reverberating around the island in next-to-no time.

Washing line

The downside of litigation: Airing dirty laundry

This morning, The Insurer revealed that the bitter - and very personal - legal dispute between Gallagher and UK broking Group Ardonagh had finally begun.

Aon WTW share price i

Where next for Aon, Willis and the fast-changing global broker landscape?

Where next for Aon and Willis and indeed how will the global broking landscape change over the next 12-24 months?

Pool Re – Evolution

Pool Re’s evolution continues…

There were at least three reasons to welcome the UK Security Minister’s announcement earlier today that British anti-terrorism agencies are partnering with Pool Re to build a new public information exchange, funded by the country’s insurers.

Aon and WTW 24 hour clock

The shortest M&A saga in history?

News this morning that Aon is not after all going to pursue a transaction with Willis Towers Watson may rank as the shortest M&A saga in history.