1.1s: It’s all about the C word...

Willis Re and JLT Re published their reviews of the 1.1 renewal season today and, on first read, it is difficult to match their analysis with the “hardening” predictions heard with increasing confidence in Q4 2018 by underwriters.

Dan Glaser handshake

Glaser rewards JLT strengths in new specialty structure

Seasoned deal-makers often say the easy part of successful M&A is agreeing terms; the tough bit is execution.

US government. Washington

For non-US reinsurers operating in the US reinsurance market—options for 2019 and beyond

On December 19, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) will vote on, and presumably approve, another set of changes to its model credit for reinsurance law and regulation. These changes are designed to implement the EU-US Covered Agreement and extend it to permit qualifying reinsurers in non-EU countries such ...

The ILS Holy Grail

The Holy Grail of secondary market cat trading…

The holy grail of creating a truly liquid trading instrument for catastrophe risk has been pursued by innovative marketeers for more than 25 years.

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The CatCo crunch…

*1.1 Retro quotes being re-priced ** Ajit’s phone “already ringing” *** Late renewal just got a lot tougher


Brexit – continuing to be heard

London market lobbying group LMG says there is much work to be done ahead of “Brexit” regardless of what occurs in Westminster next week


Welcome to The Insurer…

The (re)insurance industry was the first information age business. After all, Lloyd’s itself was established more than three-hundred years ago in a London coffee house where news and information could be shared among underwriters.


​The storm before the calm…

The Insurer was in Bermuda last week and the weather was a perfect metaphor for the mood among (re)insurers.


AIG’s 25% giant casualty cede could be a watershed moment...

The firm order terms (FOTs) on AIG’s huge core US casualty quota share may be seen as a watershed moment for reinsurers and their prospects of improving economics at the upcoming 1.1 renewal.

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It’s a (draft) deal! But what does it mean…?

Confused by EU-UK developments last week? Chris Bryant, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, explains what the draft deal means for London market insurers writing EU business…

California wildfire aftermath i

Wildfires will add to 1.1 resolve

Another devastating wildfire season in California has prompted debate over what is behind a rise in frequency and severity in the Golden State in the last few years.


Bronek was a year too early...

Bronek wasn’t wrong, just a year too early.


Will the retro tail wag the reinsurance dog at 1.1?

By Rebecca Hancock

Over the past 12 months, the eyes of the reinsurance world have been keeping a close eye on the retro market.


Aon: in a world of fierce competition, capital is king

By Ryan Hewlett

Capital management needs to be seen as a business-critical focus for large and small (re)insurers alike, according to Aon’s head of Capital Advisory Americas.


Cyber risk: are we increasingly being held to ransom?

By Tom Harvey

Examples of data theft continue to stream through; no one brand seems immune from having to announce major losses of customer data records, according to RMS’s cyber manager Tom Harvey.


A letter from Baden-Baden…

By Rebecca Hancock

As the conference season rolls on for the reinsurance world, some executives jetting in for PCI this weekend will be swapping the autumnal tree-lined boulevards of Baden-Baden for the sun-drenched beaches of Miami.

Hurricane Harvey 2018

The theory of risk

By Bryan Wilburn

Re-Insurance talks to Bryan Wilburn, the founder and CEO of  the expanding Texan-based underwriting agency Risk Theory

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‘Alternative capital hasn’t tapped into Eastern Europe or MENA yet’: Aon

By Tomas Novotny

Cedants in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa are yet to fully embrace the burgeoning alternative capital markets, according to Aon’s Tomas Novotny


Driving innovation in the legal industry

By Jonathan Moss

DWF’s head of transport and marine specialist Jonathan Moss discusses the legal implications of AI, blockchain and big data analytics for the insurance industry