“Transforming chaos into opportunity”: Marsh McLennan launches Rising Professionals’ Global Forum 2024

The Marsh McLennan Rising Professionals’ Global Forum and Gala Evening is set to welcome the next generation of industry leaders once again, with around 1,000 professionals from the global (re)insurance industry expected to come together for the two-day event.

Taking place on 26-27 June at the Mermaid Theatre in London’s Puddle Dock, the biennial event has become a must-attend occasion in the industry calendar. The forum plays host to luminaries from the (re)insurance arena and beyond, with attendees having a unique opportunity to hear their views on the many seismic global developments and risks currently impacting the sector.

This tumultuous risk environment is reflected in the theme for this year’s forum – “Transforming chaos into opportunity”. With risk levels reaching critical on multiple fronts, and only set to rise further moving forward, this year’s event will delve into market-changing exposures such as climate change, cybersecurity, geopolitical upheaval and the expansion of AI, to not only enhance risk understanding but also shine a light on the opportunities for the (re)insurance industry to come to the fore and deliver security during a time of volatility.

“There is no doubt that our theme this year is a powerful one,” explains Vicky Carter, chairman of global capital solutions, international for Guy Carpenter, and founder of the Rising Professionals event.

“Our industry sits at the core of a risk universe that is unparalleled in recent history in terms of its scope, intensity, and systemic potential. In such a challenging and challenged environment, the ability to engage, educate and perhaps most importantly empower the next generation of talent to take on this challenge, to find solutions, and to elevate our industry’s relevance, will be paramount. That is exactly what we aim to support through the Rising Professionals’ Forum.”

In addition to industry speakers, the event will also attract pioneers from other key sectors and industries to share their unique perspectives on these universal issues. It concludes with the Gala Evening, an unrivalled night of entertainment filled with celebrity guests and star performances that celebrates the incredible talent within the (re)insurance industry.

“By bringing together such an incredible diversity of both industry and guest speakers, we aim to provide attendees with a depth of perspective on both present and future risks,” Carter concludes. “At Marsh McLennan, we believe that through the power of perspective we can create the vision and confidence to act and thrive in an uncertain world.”

In the coming weeks, Marsh McLennan will provide further updates on the event, including details of speakers, topics and discussions, as the Rising Professionals’ Global Forum and Gala Evening prepares to open its doors.