Marsh continues bench strength lead in marine and energy classes

Marsh has retained its bench strength lead in both marine and energy in the 2023 London’s Leading Brokers report.

In energy, Marsh boasted four of the top five shortlisted individual brokers, marking its third year as the bench strength leader by a considerable degree.

Howden retained its runner-up position from last year’s survey, with Alesco also retaining third. Aon, WTW, BMS and Lockton also reappeared in this year’s bench strength ratings.

The top individual broker was Matt Hilsum, executive director and head of upstream energy at Howden.

The remainder of the shortlist hailed from Marsh, with senior vice president Nicholas Aldridge as runner-up. Aldridge came under the Marsh brand in 2019, having served as a downstream and midstream broker at JLT Specialty prior to the acquisition.

Similarly, vice president Jack Edmonstone joined Marsh in 2019 from JLT’s energy training programme, while Russell Ashe joined Marsh's London-based power and renewable energy team in early 2021 from rival broker Aon.

Richard Higgins from Marsh rounded out the shortlist for London’s top five energy brokers.

Marsh also retained its top position in the bench strength ratings for the marine class, although the report noted that its lead on WTW in second place had narrowed.

Others were recognised as rising, including Aon, Lockton, Gallagher and Howden. Lockton was the only new entrant to the marine rankings from last year.

Individually, marine was led by James Richardson, executive director, marine liability, ports and terminals at Gallagher.

Richardson was followed by Maxim de Prins, Lockton senior vice president, as runner-up.

De Prins had boasted the position of top overall individual London broker in both the 2022 and 2021 surveys. For these nominations, he held his previous role at Marsh as senior vice president responsible for the marine and cargo group.

WTW’s Alexander MacInnes-Poole and Freddie Russell-Jones placed third and fourth respectively.

MacInnes-Poole, director and head of broking, retained his place from last year’s survey, while Russell-Jones, lead associate, marine hull, was a new entrant to the top five.

The shortlist was completed with Hannah Ray, director of client and broking at Aon, a role she has held since December 2020.

The nomination-based survey for London brokers was conducted by insurance research consultancy Gracechurch and presented by Insurindex, a joint venture between Gracechurch and Brandex.

To request a copy of the full report when it is released in the coming days, click here.

Gracechurch: The leading broker energy table was revised on 10 October 2023 after one of the top three nominated brokers was reported to be no longer in post. The table published on 10 October 2023 is therefore the official Energy Ranking 2023 and all previous rankings are null and avoid.