Leading Voices with Denis Kessler of Scor

Welcome to the latest episode of Leading Voices with Scor’s chairman and CEO Denis Kessler, who has been at the helm of the reinsurer since 2002.

In a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion with our North American associate editor, Michael Loney, Kessler reflects on career defining moments from the past, contemplates the present and shares his thoughts on the future of Scor and the industry as a whole.

“We have to do more to contribute but don’t expect the industry to disappear because of global warming. In the worst case scenario we will stop underwriting. We don’t insure things that are not insurable. We are not stupid” - Kessler on the impact of climate change

During the 40-minute interview, we delve into the following topics:

  • The difference between positive and negative shareholder activism
  • The pandemic and what the future implications are for (re)insurers 
  • Why Scor rebuffed Covea’s controversial M&A approach
  • The industry’s response to climate change
  • Brexit and European political movements
  • Why Kessler is “fantastically optimistic” about the future of global reinsurance

Published shortly after Scor’s strong Q1 earnings, Kessler’s tour de force interview is essential viewing for anyone interested in the global specialty and reinsurance markets…

Next week, we will be speaking to more industry experts during the new edition of our flagship analysis programme – Prospective – focused on Legacy. Look out for the upcoming episode on theinsurer.com/tv!