Speaking to this publication at the London Insurance Forum, Flandro said that for Florida, it is useful to remember how the 2017/18 renewal season played out.

“Last year, after we had a 5.7 percent increase in at 1.1.18, Florida was actually flat to down,” he explained.

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“By our reckoning we’ve had a small decrease at 1.1.19, while no one can really guess what is going to happen in Florida… if I had to bet, I’d dare say we’re looking at a market with general price stability coming up at 1.6.”

“But it’s still very early,” he added.

At the forthcoming Japanese renewals in April, Flandro said while Typoon Jebi and a wider storm season in Asia Pac had taken their toll on carriers in the region, he didn’t foresee “anything drastic” happening at 1.1.

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