Close Quarter with Aon’s Catherine Mulligan and James Trainor

Welcome to our latest edition of Close Quarter with Catherine Mulligan, global head of cyber at Aon’s Reinsurance Solutions, and James Trainor, senior vice president within Aon’s Cyber Solutions.

Following the substantial increase in ransomware attacks on municipalities, software suppliers and other areas of the United States’ critical infrastructure in 2020, we invite our guests to discuss these recent losses and how they have impacted the market’s appetite for cyber risk, how the class is underwritten and the overall rate environment.

“The potential systemic exposure is what has led some reinsurance and insurance executives to comment publicly that cyber risk maybe is too big ultimately for the traditional market to shoulder.”     – Catherine Mulligan

During the interview, we explore the following areas:

  • Losses from ransomware attacks and rate increases in the US cyber market
  • Cybersecurity and the increasing demand for sophisticated risk transfer solutions
  • Why public/private partnerships in the market will be essential 
  • What’s next for the cyber (re)insurance market 

Don’t miss out on another insightful interview, essential for anyone interested in the cyber insurance market and what it could look like in five years’ time. 

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