Close Quarter with Aon’s Adam Podlaha

Welcome to our latest edition of Close Quarter on The Insurer TV, in which we speak with Adam Podlaha, head of Impact Forecasting at Aon.

Having revealed earlier that Aon’s Impact Forecasting’s new hurricane model has been certified by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology (FCHLPM) for ratemaking in the state, we invite our guest to share more details about the importance of this development and more.

“We are probably in the most dynamic era of cat modelling and cat modelling development”

During the interview, we explore the following areas:

  • Impact Forecasting’s new Florida hurricane model
  • The advances being made in modelling
  • Aon’s partnership with Columbia University
  • Five trends that will dominate the modelling space

Don’t miss out on another insightful interview, essential for anyone interested in modelling technology and what it would look like in five to ten years from now…

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