Less than two months after the termination of its proposed Willis Towers Watson (WTW) combination, Aon has made further strides in accelerating its independence strategy including a proposition to clients that positions it as a firm “in the business of better decisions” to help companies face evolving risks and volatility.

Aon – Ryder Cup

The latest steps also include a new visual identity for the company with an updated logo that coincides with its Ryder Cup partnership and an update to its client-facing website with video content illustrating its positioning as an adviser and solutions provider to help corporations and countries meet the challenges they face.

The Ryder Cup partnership includes the introduction of the first-of-its-kind “The Nicklaus-Jacklin Award” by Aon, which will be awarded to one player from both the US and European teams at this weekend’s event, echoing the historic concession by Jack Nicklaus to his European rival Tony Jacklin in the deciding match of the 1969 tournament.

It will go to the players “who see the bigger picture and who make better decisions critical to sportsmanship, teamwork and performance”, according to the Ryder Cup website.

Referencing the Ryder Cup partnership on Aon’s new website, the firm’s CEO Greg Case said: “What’s true in sport is also true in life: change is a constant. New risks and new opportunities keep emerging, and it’s the job of organisations to respond and prepare.”

A new course

The positioning and branding changes are likely to be pitched as being integrally connected to Aon’s coordinated strategy as it goes on the front foot after the uncertainty of recent months.

The firm had already acted swiftly following the 26 July termination of the WTW agreement by unveiling a new executive committee across four solutions, five regions and five shared service functions, to drive its Aon United Blueprint. It subsequently delivered a strong set of Q2 results.

The new Aon video content covers key areas of focus including building a resilient workforce, rethinking access to capital, navigating new forms of volatility such as emerging risks, and addressing the underserved by closing the protection gap.

It leads with “The Aon Story” about how the firm sees a world increasingly impacted by the decisions organisations make, and how its expertise, global understanding and advanced analytics equip its “united team” to bring “clarity and confidence” to client decision making.

In the series Aon emphasises how it can work with clients to make decisions that create a more flexible, engaged and resilient workforce in response to the fundamental shift that has been seen in the world of work.

Greg Case PQ

The firm also illustrates how it is able to help clients rethink access to capital – “the lifeblood of business and society” – to support sustainable growth.

That includes matching risk with the right capital structure and sourcing capital, as well as formulating the value of assets, both physical and intangible, and putting in place measures to protect them against everyday threats and cat events.

The content also looks at how the firm can help companies make better decisions around navigating new forms of volatility, with known threats such as climate change and pandemic as well as emerging ones like data security, supply chain disruption and the rise of intangible assets.

“Aon’s expertise, global understanding and advanced analytics ensure every client is better informed and better advised so they can make better decisions,” says the video.

The fourth focus addresses the protection gap, highlighting solutions that can support those underserved by the global economy with “scalable solutions” that protect communities and provide access to capital.

Employee engagement

As well as its positioning towards clients, Aon is also thought to have been engaging with its employees to re-emphasise the purpose of the firm and how its Aon United strategy is being enhanced and accelerated post WTW to drive the firm through its next phase of growth.

A variety of internal sources at the firm have said that Aon has been focused on a major internal rollout in advance of the public unveiling of its proposition, including the development of a variety of new tools that connect the positioning to its Aon United strategy and are designed to help colleagues communicate the message to clients.

The internal and external approaches are designed to further commercialise the Aon United strategy which is being executed operationally through the so-called Aon United Blueprint.

As previously reported, the blueprint focuses on a number of key areas, aiming to create new sources of value for clients, to deliver more effective client service, drive innovation at scale and ensure a “unique and sustaining colleague experience”, explained the firm.

The blueprint is likely to have evolved post WTW as the firm continues to look to create differentiated value for stakeholders, including shareholders, employees and clients.

The Aon United strategy and blueprint are understood to underpin the outwards positioning of “being in the business of better decisions”.