Enoizi: End of an era at Pool Re

In a week’s time, Julian Enoizi will be stepping down as CEO of Pool Re, a role he has occupied for the last eight and a half years.

During this time, Enoizi has accomplished some notable successes, including sponsoring the industry’s first-ever terrorism cat bond, Baltic Re; evolving Pool Re’s coverage terms to include cyber and non-physical damage business interruption; and buying an annual cat XoL treaty from the private market which has grown to become the largest terrorism program in the industry.

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However, his most recent – and arguably most significant – achievement was securing the renewal of Pool Re’s unlimited government guarantee, an outcome which looked decidedly uncertain a year ago.

Potentially, it also has broader implications beyond terrorism. Earlier this week, Enoizi was part of a UK insurance leadership team that unveiled Resilience UK – a platform to join government and private sector thinking on managing systemic risks beyond terrorism, such as cyber and climate change. Although currently more of an idea than a mechanism, it is encouraging to see positive momentum after the failures in 2020-21 to get a UK public-private pandemic partnership going.

The Insurer TV sat down with him on the sidelines of the Bermuda Risk Summit earlier this month to capture his thoughts before he hands over to his named successor, the former MS Amlin Underwriting CEO Tom Clementi.