June saw another flurry of announcements by companies looking to boost their ESG credentials with Generali notable for taking a number of steps late in the month to enhance its sustainability position.


As highlighted in this month’s edition of The ESG Insurer, these steps included the issuance of what is thought to be the first catastrophe bond to embed green finance initiatives.  

At the start of the month, both Beazley and Parhelion unveiled plans for dedicated ESG underwriting capacity. 

Willis Towers Watson also unveiled two notable projects in June. Firstly, it partnered with Mesoamerican Reef Fund on a project to develop insurance solutions to help protect the 1,000km barrier reef system along the Caribbean coast. 

And the broker also revealed it will lead the implementation of a project to support the financial resilience of coastal communities in Fiji and Papua New Guinea. 

From an industry perspective the most significant announcement during June was perhaps the creation of the insurance taskforce segment of the Sustainable Markets initiative.  

The task force was assembled by Lloyd’s CEO John Neal following a request earlier in the year by the Prince of Wales. 

Company actions and announcements June 2021