John Fowle leading voices

In an exclusive interview with The Insurer TV as part of the Leading Voices series, Fowle described 2021 as “a key year” for ESG both for Chaucer and the wider industry.

“I have spent a lot of time discussing ESG with my leadership team and the people from around the business to make sure we bring everyone along with us so it works for everyone, as well as being transparent and measurable,” he said.

Fowle said Chaucer was in the process of working out “where we stand today, where we want to get to, how we’re going to get there and in what time frames” as it strengthens its ESG focus. Fowle said the company was focused on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals “and trying to play that through everything we do”.


“In some areas, such as our own operations, it’s relatively easy. It’s far more challenging when we look at what we underwrite, and who we underwrite it for.” He said a key step being undertaken is to build out a matrix “to track where we’re at now but also a clearly agreed view of where we want to get to”.

Working as an ESG team Fowle said an important part of the ESG push within Chaucer is through the work it does with clients. “Our clients might be at different stages in their journey, but everyone is still on the ESG path somewhere and I believe working together will be really powerful,” Fowle explained.

With Chaucer working on its own ESG initiatives alongside working with clients, Fowle said it will help to create “a positive snowball effect where we are all pushing each other to move along the path quicker – and that’s great for all our stakeholders”.

“There is a real desire within Chaucer to be doing the right thing, and being as practical and pragmatic as we can to move our ESG profile to a better place.”

For the full 25-minute interview with John Fowle – which covers a range of topics including the future of Chaucer under new ownership, international expansion and market modernisation – click here or watch below…