EU insurance watchdog targets nat cat protection gap


Europe’s insurance watchdog has launched an online platform to analyse the insurance protection gap for natural catastrophes across the continent. 

Axa – climate change

Axa launches specialist training module for risk managers to tackle climate risk


Axa has extended the offering at its Climate School e-learning arm with the launch of a new digital training course to help risk managers better prepare for climate risks to their organisations.

Korean Re

Korean Re faces activist backlash over “loopholes” in new coal restrictions


Korean Re, Asia’s second-largest reinsurance company, has become the latest reinsurer to unveil new restrictions on coverage for coal mining and power plant construction as part of a broader adoption of coal, oil and gas exclusions to reach net-zero targets.

Zurich Foundation

Zurich Foundation to launch Urban Climate Resilience Program


Z Zurich Foundation, the charitable foundation formed by members of Zurich Insurance Group, is set to launch the Urban Climate Resilience Program (UCRP) to support vulnerable urban communities across 10 countries.


RSA launches low-carbon underwriting policy


RSA has launched a new low-carbon underwriting policy which will see the insurer commit to achieving an underwriting portfolio for energy production that is over 75 percent low carbon by 2030.