Ryan Specialty Group-owned MGU, Concord Specialty Risk, has appointed Ilan Peress to take on the role of vice president and reps & warranty (R&W) underwriter.

Peress joins from MGU Ambridge Partners, where he was senior R&W underwriting counsel for almost two years.

Prior to Ambridge, Peress was a senior associate in auditing firm KPMG’s M&A tax division for two and a half years.

Peress has also served as operations manager at both Tolt Service Group and Fujitsu, responsible for client management, personnel, and budgeting.

In his new role, Peress will take on a leading role in Concord’s R&W insurance practice, based out of the MGU’s New York office.

Speaking on Peress’ hire, David De Berry, CEO of Concord, said: “Reps & warranty insurance is undergoing significant changes in the underlying risk transfer services expected of carriers. The underwriter that can expeditiously vet and, in some cases, augment due diligence without delay gains a competitive advantage. This requires a deep pool of talent. We are excited to have the experience, skill set, relationships, and gravitas that Ilan brings with him.”