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  • European Commission and Department of Justice

    Aon-WTW – history suggests DoJ will fall in behind EC regulatory approval


    The Aon-Willis Towers Watson transaction looks set to pass its biggest test yet with the European Commission reportedly greenlighting proposed remedy packages and announcements on divestments expected in the coming days. Attention will now shift to US antitrust regulators at the Department of Justice.

  • Low emissions

    Next decade critical for insurers in net-zero push


    Political declarations have sparked renewed momentum in the global drive towards carbon neutrality over the past month, and these moves will likely prompt an acceleration in the insurance industry’s efforts to cut its own emissions.

  • Aon, WTW, Gallagher, Howden and McGill

    Divestments close in Aon-WTW end game


    Next week it is likely Arthur J Gallagher will find itself as the owner of Willis Re and various assets of Willis Towers Watson’s Corporate Risk Broking business that have been put on the block to get Aon’s acquisition of WTW over the line with regulators.

  • program manager masthead

    Performance assessments: catalyst for further change?


    There are less than two weeks before the 3 May deadline for feedback on the methodology that will drive Best’s Performance Assessment for MGAs, MGUs, program administrators and other delegated underwriting authority enterprises (DUAEs).

  • Marsh McLennan

    Truist organic growth is positive read-across for other brokers


    First reporters are not always viewed as industry bellwethers and Truist Insurance Holdings – with its retail, wholesale and MGA operations – is not a straight analogue for its publicly traded peers. But strong Q1 organic growth of 6.4 percent is nonetheless being seen as a positive for the wider ...

  • Reinsurers underlying performance in focus for 2021

    Willis Re highlights reinsurers’ underlying conditions


    A new report from Willis Re has highlighted reinsurers’ underlying performance in 2020 is no cause for celebration, and that there remains a need for a lot of improvement.

  • Insurance rates index

    Eeyore or Goldilocks: what’s happening with (re)insurance rates?


    As we all know, the world is divided between those who take a rosy, glass-half-full view of events and those who squint at the glass and gloomily come to a more Eeyorish interpretation.

  • Lloyds buidling landscape

    Five reasons for optimism at One Lime Street…


    While headline figures showed a fourth consecutive year of underwriting losses and a combined ratio of 110.3 percent, the mood among senior management at the Corporation was one of optimism.

  • CNA

    Even cyber writers are not immune to attacks


    CNA’s cybersecurity attack this week provides some embarrassing PR for a carrier that is a prominent cyber writer, but more than that it highlights the growing threat facing all companies.

  • Congress and covid-19

    The need for political (good)will…


    With more than a year having now passed since the onset of Covid-19, there remains little progress in the development of risk transfer mechanisms for future pandemics.

  • Global risk

    The importance of choice


    One of the key challenges facing the industry as it seeks to expand coverage for uninsured risks which sit within the current ‘protection gap’ is the lack of sufficient modelling tools to manage these exposures.

  • John neal Lloyd's

    Are Lloyd’s SIABs poised to bounce back?


    Unveiled with great fanfare 18 months ago, it is fair to say Lloyd’s syndicate-in-a-box (SIAB) innovation has so far generated more noise than action.

  • The Hartford auction

    Low bid from Chubb puts The Hartford firmly in play


    At just 1.44x estimated tangible book value, Chubb’s preliminary offer of $65 a share for The Hartford looks to be little more than an opening gambit and puts its smaller rival firmly in play for counter bids.

  • AM Best spotlight

    Under the ratings agency spotlight


    News this week that AM Best is introducing performance assessments – or Best’s PA – for MGAs, MGUs, program administrators and other so-called delegated underwriting authority enterprises (DUAEs) is likely to meet with a mixed response in the programs sector.

  • Marsh McLennan

    A new look to celebrate being 150 years old…


    If 24-hour news and social media existed 150 years ago, then the roll call of cats, conflict and rapid political change would have gripped the watching world.

  • Snow storms and arctic blast in Texas

    Complex winter storm loss bill expected to rise from initial PCS number


    Reinsurance sources continue to expect a double-digit billion dollar loss from last month’s winter storm activity, but more clarity finally appears to be emerging around where the ultimate cost to the industry may land.

  • Florida

    Florida: Déjà vu with a different outcome?


    It is not unusual in early March to be talking about the woes of the Florida specialist homeowners and property insurance marketplace and whether its participants will all still be around by the time it comes to the mid-year reinsurance renewal.

  • SPAC and Insurtech

    The SPAC bubble


    The increasing interest in insurtechs from SPACs marks the inevitable convergence between the capital markets’ current biggest craze with an area of the insurance market that had already been attracting increasing levels of funding at eye-watering multiples.

  • Aon and WTW one year on

    Aon-WTW one year on – will pragmatism get the deal over the line?


    As with much in life over the last 12 months, Aon’s announcement of an agreed deal with Willis Towers Watson (WTW) seems like an age ago and yet only yesterday, as time continues to distort during the Covid-19 pandemic.


    Land of the (wholesale) giants


    Less than a year after this publication revealed that Ryan Specialty Group was set to buy the then fourth largest US wholesaler All Risks, the firm that stepped up into the position, Worldwide Facilities, is being taken out by Amwins.