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In our second interview, Stephen Catlin shares his thoughts on the quantum for COVID-19 total losses and what the consequences will be if the industry does not respond adequately...

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Europe and US divide

The Atlantic divide: US carriers won’t face the same pressure on dividends as Europeans…

Yesterday, a quartet of UK insurers bowed to regulatory pressure and in a coordinated flurry of announcements told their shareholders they were postponing or cancelling dividends because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Aon, WTW and Miller

​So, why doesn’t Aon just keep Miller?

Despite the global recession and the ice chill that has frozen the deal-financing markets, few would bet against Aon Group CEO Greg Case delivering on his bold, career-defining WTW swoop signed last month.

Coronavirus and stocks

Louisiana won’t be the last state to take aim at insurers

Louisiana has joined the handful of US states that could let Covid-19 claims get out of hand for insurers by considering legislation to override policy exclusions.

John Doyle  Marsh

Marsh looks to put US industry back on front foot over BI

If the US insurance industry’s role is to be a facilitator of economic growth then events of the last few weeks have put it in an invidious position.

Sam Woods Bank of England

First, they came for the banks…

The 2008-09 financial crisis was a milestone for P&C insurers.

AM Best pressure

Are the Covid-19 stress tests really Best timing?

The timing of AM Best’s move to stress test for a pandemic in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis is hardly helpful from the perspective of under-pressure (re)insurers.

COVID-19 Vice

The squeeze is on…

Last week, a British MP got confused between an insurance company and a bank while discussing the impact of pandemic exclusion clauses on a BI policy.

Lloyd's 900px nexus

Lloyd’s 2019: Just like the good old days…

Remember the days when insurance companies used to be described as a fund manager with a loss-making underwriting business alongside?

COVID-19 mask

Zero shades of grey

Scarred by memories of “Superstorm” Sandy almost eight years ago, the US insurance industry is on the front foot looking to work with legislators on solutions that don’t leave it carrying the can for exposures that are clearly excluded from coverage.

WTW and Aon

Aon-WTW: The chosen two

There is plenty to read into the appointment of Eric Andersen and Julie Gebauer to lead the mammoth task of integrating the largest ever insurance brokerage merger.

Private jet, Champagne and Gold card

So, what exactly is “non-essential” business travel?

Last week, insurers and brokers around the world pulled the shutters down and imposed compulsory working from home for their underwriters and producers. 


The ILS market has spoken on Florida

This month saw cat bond investors confronted by two Florida-focussed cat bonds issued by insurers. What would they tell us about the fast-approaching 1 June renewals in the sunshine state?


Long road to recovery for Florida insurers

Some Florida homeowners carriers could be years away from profitability as unprecedented market conditions prevail in the Sunshine State

Cuthbert Heath

Remember Heath at times of crisis

Goodwill and trust goes a long way in (re)insurance…

Greg Case – Aon and WTW

Too big to fail?

Yesterday morning brought home a series of ugly flashbacks from the financial crisis of 2008-09.

US Legacy

Opening the floodgates?

A court ruling on the first proposed IBT in Oklahoma could lead to a surge of activity in the $350bn US legacy market…

Claw machine – Sirius and PartnerRe

Sadly, you can’t choose your parents…

The contrasting fortunes of two Bermudian reinsurers

Jon hancock – all seasons

Wanted: A Lloyd’s man* for all seasons

Whoever succeeds Jon Hancock will become only the fourth head of Lloyd’s underwriting performance.

2 trucks

Rough ride in auto continues

Hallmark Financial’s announced exit from binding primary auto business demonstrates the long road to recovery that many underwriters face before the issue of claims severity disappears in the rear-view mirror.

Pool Re cast in government net

Pool Re cast in government net: what next?

Earlier today, it was announced the UK terrorism mutual, Pool Re, is to fall under government supervision following classification by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) that it is a public body.