Bermuda has always been a hotbed of (re)insurance innovation, constantly at the forefront of the industry’s newest developments and an attractive setting for established and budding entrepreneurs to spark business process innovation and technology-driven transformation.

With blockchain moving from the (re)insurance periphery to take its place centre-stage, Bermuda is ideally positioned to grasp the mantle as one of the industry’s prime global destinations for all things InsurTech.

Finally, blockchain has emerged from Bitcoin’s shadow – and the (re)insurance industry has taken notice, with initiatives and research into the potential for the technology to revamp the risk-carrying world proliferating more every day.

But while the industry has embraced the opportunities presented by the rise of blockchain, uncertainty about its eventual practical uses in the risk world, and indeed how the technology works, pervades - even as the concept becomes more widely familiar in FinTech, InsurTech and beyond.

And that’s where re-Insurance.com comes in: We want to help improve understanding of blockchain’s potentially game-changing technology and framework. This is why we’ve partnered with insurance consulting experts Xceedance and blockchain specialists ChainThat with a uniquely specific goal in mind: To create a platform for hands-on dialogue between Bermuda’s visionary and experienced (re)insurance community with some of the leading players looking to implement blockchain in insurance operations.

Over a jam-packed half-day symposium at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute on June 7, 2018, delegates will hear from, and interact with, leaders of blockchain innovation as well as (re)insurers, brokers, start-ups and InsurTech pacesetters.

Across three expert panels, focusing on the intersection of blockchain and (re)insurance, delegates will hear from some of the leading lights of both fields as they debate:

  • What is the state of insurtech today and how does blockchain fit in with InsurTech mobilisation?
  • Who are the blockchain leaders and where is successful transformation occurring?
  • What regulatory, data, technology and framework factors will impact blockchain execution?
  • How can insurance organisations productively plan and activate blockchain initiatives?

Led by re-Insurance.com's recognised expert analysts and journalists, panellists will help the audience cut through the hype and confusion of blockchain tech to get to the heart of why it matters to the global (re)insurance market. With a specialist event dedicated to exploring blockchain through precise and relevant conversations, delegates will hear from leaders who are driving transformation, and discover exactly how to get to grips with the disruption coming to the industry.