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  • Coronavirus

    Insurers score another Covid-19 BI point but the game’s just begun


    The third ruling in favour of US insurers in Covid-19 business interruption (BI) litigation – with no unfavourable judgments so far – bodes well and could prove influential but there is a long way to go before the industry can claim victory.

  • 2 + 2 = 5?

    Can 2+2 = 5 (TPRe and Sirius)?


    Cynics may be tempted to cruelly dismiss the proposed $788mn merger* of Third Point Re and Sirius – announced yesterday evening – as two drunks propping each other up at the bar.

  • Confirmed post-Covid-19 capital

    Covéa’s Eur750mn move highlights scale-ups and sidecars preferred to start-ups…


    Covéa’s move to put Eur750mn into PartnerRe-managed special purpose vehicles looks like a compromise that gains the French mutual fast access to a hardening reinsurance market without a full-blown acquisition. But it also points to a growing consensus that scale-ups rather than start-ups will dominate the Covid-19 landscape.

  • Insurtech

    Is the end nigh for the term ‘insurtech’?


    Willis Towers Watson’s latest quarterly insurtech briefing included a provocative suggestion: is it time to stop labelling companies as insurtechs?

  • Hurricane Hanna

    Hurricane season keeps ahead of schedule as peak period approaches


    The first US landfalling hurricane of the year serves as a warning that the peak period of the Atlantic hurricane season is approaching. 

  • II-buoy

    Rising tide buoys brokers too


    While there are many challenges to be navigated for the P C sector in the Covid-19 fallout, surging pricing is proving to be a fillip that is lifting brokers as well as carriers.

  • Ambac and Everspan

    A heftier addition…


    News broken by The Insurer that rehabilitated Ambac is lining up a live insurance platform that looks set to include a program fronting capability raises the prospect of a fresh addition to the already swollen ranks of vehicles that have rolled off the production line over the last ...

  • Goldilocks bowls

    Chubb adds heavyweight voice to US pandemic backstop debate


    Chubb’s release of its proposal for protecting against future pandemics could serve to restore momentum to an issue that appeared to have stalled, providing a middle ground between the two proposals already out there.

  • program manager masthead

    Access to paper and alignment of interests


    Cementing access to paper and demonstrating alignment of interests with (re)insurers has become increasingly important for MGAs and program administrators.

  • California wildfires

    Another hard (market) decision


    The move to pull the proposed $2bn renewal of the California Wildfire Fund’s 2020 reinsurance programme is the latest example of a response from buyers to hardening momentum as capacity from reinsurers becomes meaningfully more expensive.

  • Greg Case – Aon

    Hope is not a strategy … so Case and Aon took a different path


    A week ago today, Aon announced it was ending its controversial salary reduction scheme (and repaying the deferred sums, plus an additional five percent). Shortly afterwards, we asked CEO Greg Case whether he regretted the decision. 

  • Florida

    Florida opportunity draws interest


    The well-documented woes of the Florida homeowners market might not paint a picture of a burgeoning opportunity for new entrants, but a number of recent developments point to fresh interest in the Sunshine State.

  • Lemonade

    Investors’ thirst for Lemonade a good sign for other insurtechs


    Lemonade’s soaring share price in its first day of trading will help assuage fears over how insurtechs are viewed in a post-Covid world.

  • New York boarded up shop front

    Striking out…


    Insurers risk further damage to the industry’s reputation if they impose blanket SRCC exclusions on standard property policies.

  • Reinsurance renewals

    Calm between the storms


    The 1 July renewal may have been conducted on a relative sea of tranquility compared to the swell that engulfed the Florida renewal a month earlier. But the water between here and 1 January is anything but clear.

  • FCA – UK and Sweden

    Why is Hiscox so keen on Sweden?


    What connects Sweden with Hurricane Katrina, and an upmarket hotel chain? The answer is likely to materialise later today when UK regulator the FCA publishes the defence submissions of Hiscox and seven other insurers who are involved in a landmark test case examining their denial of liability over Covid-19 business ...

  • Juneteenth

    Juneteenth becomes a day for reflection


    The death of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis has shone a light on the inequalities that continues to pervade in the US.

  • Marine tanker ship

    The corvette and the tanker…


    While it is true that all boats rise with the tide, the marginal impact is naturally less if you’re an oil tanker compared to a nimble corvette.

  • Lloyd's

    The Future at Lloyd’s… post-Covid-19


    Yesterday, John Neal wrote to the market unveiling a host of changes that will allow underwriters and brokers alike to return to One Lime Street from 1 September.

  • Hurricane

    Remember the brutal storm season of 2010?


    No? Nor us.